Democrat, Lois Frankel, Laura L00mer’s Congressional opponent wants to take C0vid-19 $ from constituents & give it to i11egal 1mm1grants.

Julie Reichwein <> 8:58 AM (0 minutes ago) to Julie My Radical Democrat opponent Lois Frankel is now suggesting that Palm Beach County repurpose $261 MILLION in federal COVID-19 aid that is supposed to go to AMERICAN CITIZENS in FL CD-21 who have been affected by the government-imposed economic shutdown, and give it to illegal aliens living […]

Rep. Ilhan Omar Laughs at Americans for Fearing al-Qaeda-Video

Jewish journalist, Laura Loomer, was deplatformed by Big Tech for exposing her as anti-Jewish and pro Sharia. Jewish journalist, Laura Loomer, was the first reporter to investigate Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib before they were elected. She was deplatformed from Twitter for a post she made stating that Ilhan Omar was anti- Jew and pro […]

America Hater, Ilhan Omar, Dumps Large Sums of $ Into Lover Boy’s Firm

According to the Federal Election Commission filings released on 01/31/20, over half of Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s campaign expenditures in the last quarter of 2019 went to her boyfriend’s consulting firm. Omar’s campaign paid $217,000 to E Street Group LLC between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 for research services, digital advertising, fundraising consulting, travel […]

David Hogg Credits ‘Black, Brown and Indigenous LGBTQ Women’ for Starting Anti-Gun Movement ‘Centuries Ago’

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>This is a tweet for for the founders of the gun violence prevention movement started centuries ago by almost entirely black, brown and indigenous lgbtq women and non binary people that never got on the news or in most history books. <br><br>We may not know all your names but thank you.</p>— David […]