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About Me

My background

Welcome to my website. An avid reader of crime/mystery, thrillers, and true crime for most of my life, so I decided three years ago to write my first fiction book.

There are many great writers out there and some of my favorites are Nelson DeMille, David Baldacci, Gillian Flynn, John Grisham, Dennis LeHeane, Patricia Cornwell, Vince Flynn, Robert B. Parker, Janet Evanovich, and the newest author who I fell in love with was Paula Hawkins and 'Girl on the Train."

I chose the subject matter for my first book to be on sexual assault and the aftermath of it for two reasons; 1) I have never been assaulted myself, but I was stalked twice. The first time was when I was in college, and I was very naive. My dog saved me from getting raped and I had to move because he was the Mailman. In 1981, there were no stalking laws, so there was nothing I could do but move. Eight years later, in a condominium I owned, a neighbor stalked me, and although the Police tried to help me, it didn't stop him. The final straw was when I came home, and he was sitting on my doorstep with a gun. I had to move again. Because of events in my life, I got interested in reading about criminal psychology. In my first book, "FIRE & FURY: A #METOO TALE OF REVENGE" I used events from my first stalker to shape a character in my book. 

My murdered victim, Susie Murphy, was again chosen because of someone from my real life who I won't disclose. I studied family dynamics of incest and learned that her family situation was more common than I ever knew, and it was deeply disturbing what child sexual assault victims go through. The family that they hope to lean on turn out to be the ones who disappoint them the most.

I loved the pace of "The Girl on the Train" and how the story was told from multiple points of view, so that was the format I chose to write my fictional story from as well. 

Because I am an animal lover and the mother of four German ShHepherds and a Malamute, I have two of my dogs featured in my story. I am also an avid equestrian and a lover of the outdoors. I hope you enjoy the book. 

My writing roots

I love new challenges and while there are several great writers out there, I felt like  their still weren't enough good books out there in the genres I enjoy. I know there are a ton of books out there, but good ones are hard to come by, so I studied the masters because I wanted to write something I would enjoy. 

Personally, I like fast paced books. I like action, and I also like to know what the characters are feeling. 

In my book, I have several bad characters because of the subject matter, and at times it was a very hard story to write because I had to read some difficult subject matter from psychology books and true stories from victims of sexual assault to make my characters ring true. 

I believe I portray the characters in a very realistic manner because a few of them I was ready to kill myself while I wrote their characters. My murder victim had me in tears thinking about what she endured and though my book is fiction, I know that there are real life victims going through exactly what my fictional character went through. 

I hope my readers will enjoy the book and it opens the eyes of some on the effects of sexual assault like Paula Hawkins book opened the eyes of substance abuse.

Thank you for visiting my website.  

My style

I chose to write a psychological thriller on sexual assault because of life experiences, and the #MeToo and #Timesup movements came into play as my book was in final edits. I like everyone else hope that my book is a commercial success and ends up on the list for best psychological thriller books for 2017 and 2018.

best psychological thriller books 2017

When I studied literary agents, a common question they would ask is this, "What books is your book most like?" They asked this question in order to know how to market it, so here is my answer. 

My book I would say is influenced by four books and authors. Paula Hawkins book the "Girl on the Train" inspired my style the most. I loved her fast paced style of storytelling from the first person point of view. I felt like you really got to know how the characters thought. 

Dennis LeHeane's book, "Mystic River" was about a group of friends where one friend was sexually abused and the fall out from it years later. My book is similar in many ways, but my book has several female characters in it.

Nelson DeMille's book "The General's Daughter" dealt with rape in the military and the effects it had on the murdered victim's life. My book is in some ways a similar story, but in the non- military world.

Gillian Flynn's book "Gone Girl" also influenced my story because she brought mainstream the idea that women were not always kind individuals and some were capable of great acts of evil.