General Flynn devoted 33 years of his life to this country. His reward_bankruptcy, three years of fighting for his freedom, and unknown mental and physical torture for him and his family.

I belong to MAGA groups on Twitter and have seen the kind spirit and generosity of General Flynn and his family, especially his sister, Barbara Flynn Redgate.

I’m grateful that Sidney Powell took on his case and it sounds like justice is around the corner. It’s long overdue. I do believe in karma, and I hope that everyone involved in this frame up gets what’s due them. It’s absolutely criminal to investigate and pressure someone just for political reasons. This cannot stand. I support President Trump cleaning out the Deep State.

Here is an article from KT McFarland-KT McFarland speaks for first time about Michael Flynn: ‘Time to investigate the investigators’

It’s time to go back and reopen the case of former White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to “investigate the investigators,” said K.T. McFarland on “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday.

“I think that it all bears a lot of re-investigation,” said McFarland, who served as Flynn’s White House deputy before his firing by President Trump in February 2017.

“Not just what happened to General Flynn but the entire [thing]. It’s time to investigate the investigators,” she added.

“I know from my personal experience it was a very difficult, pressured time and you as an individual who’s come at by the Justice Department, in my case the Mueller commission — you’re an individual and you’ve got the entire weight of the United States government,” McFarland continued. “They are in the position to really kind of do what they want.”

She said the government should always have a powerful arsenal, but claimed they didn’t need to bring down that sort of heat on people who were non-violent, and posed no physical threat.

“That’s great if they are looking after terrorists and convicted criminals and hardcore people. You want them to have that ability,” she said.

“But when it is used for a political purpose that’s one of the most powerful instruments the United States government has. And to turn it for political purposes… We’re going into very dangerous waters.”

McFarland also said it’s possible that Flynn’s FBI interview memos, or 302s as they’re called, were altered after the fact to pressure him into cooperating with the federal government. She also noted that one of the lead interviewers was later dismissed from the Bureau for bias.

“General Flynn did not have a lawyer with him when the two FBI Agents came to the White House,” she said. “Now, when those interviews are finished the FBI Agents… take the handwritten notes and they file it in a digital file… They’re not supposed to be tampered with, they’re not supposed to be changed — they’re certainly not supposed to be changed after the fact.”

“You have to trust the FBI to have done it accurately in an unbiased way,” McFarland added. “The man who was his lead interviewer, who did the 302s, is someone who was later dismissed for bias.”

Prosecutors have vigorously denied the claims lodged by Flynn’s attorneys.

Laura Loomer for Congress is a Jewish investigative journalist who exposes corruption, jihadists, communists, and the Deep State. For her courageous reporting, she’s been deplatformed from social media, Uber, Lyft, PayPal, Venmo, Ubereats, Chase Bank closed down her account temporarily, Medium, Teespring and more. The Deep State is very real and working to silence or imprison dissenters. We have a new thriller which investigates these issues called The Switch-Featuring Laura Loomer. Because we feel that General Flynn got a raw deal, 5% of my profits got to his legal defense fund. Also the book supports Laura Loomer as an independent journalist because she survives on supporters like you.
Laura Loomer for Congress is running in the 21st District of Florida. This is the permanent residence of President Trump.



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    1. General Flynn will be exonerated.

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