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Former aides said Klobuchar berated them, physically threw objects at them, made them do her personal chores, undermined their advancement to other jobs and created an anxiety-ridden workplace that led to high staff turnover and trouble hiring new talent.

The political world has largely received these stories as sexist criticism, dismaying and infuriating former aides who experienced Klobuchar’s fury firsthand which is why you’ve heard nothing about this in the MSM. Tweets by prominent Democratic strategists Hilary Rosen and Patti Solis Doyle show their ire at Klobuchar’s history being addressed: 

I am bothered by hit pieces on @amyklobuchar suggesting that she is tough on staff. I’ve never worked for an “easy” boss whom I respected. Amy is a smart, hardworking and dedcated leader. I am not troubled by former staffers who aren’t.— Hilary Rosen (@hilaryr) February 6, 2019

But the staffers are fighting back. “None of what we are saying has anything to do with Amy being ‘likable’ or ‘emotional’ or whatever other nonsense people throw out at women,” said a former female staffer. “It’s that she is a terrible manager and abusive to her staff. I can’t emphasize enough that there is a big difference between being demanding and being abusive.”

The New York Times also published a new report with additional details on Klobuchar’s conduct, including her tendency to blame her aides for all of her problems, such as stymied political ambitions and the state of her marriage.

Klobuchar has responded to the reports by saying she is tough, not abusive. On Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show, and in similar comments at a CNN town hall, she said, “I’m going to take the high expectations and bring them out to the country because if we want to really get these things done, some of these things should happen.”

Klobuchar is a victim of sexism cry the usual suspects but the staffers are infuriated at this defense. “We have been evolving in how we think about sexual harassment in the workplace, and we’ve been evolving in how we think about bullying in school, and we should be evolving in how we think about bullying the workplace too,” said another former Klobuchar staffer. “It’s not right and it’s not good for women to excuse bullying and cruelty because the person who’s doing it is a woman. That’s going to set women back.”

Klobuchar faced allegations of mistreating her staff as far back as 2006, when she was the Hennepin County attorney in Minneapolis ― undercutting the Wall Street Journal’s view that the upset aides are just a bunch of snowflake millennials.  

“I’m hearing people saying, ‘They just didn’t know how to work in a high-pressure environment,’ or ‘they couldn’t take the high stakes or the tough boss or the tough feedback.’ It’s incredibly insulting. It’s gaslighting,” said one of the former Klobuchar staffers. “It’s the kind of thing people tell people who have been abused. It’s not abuse, you just didn’t live up to the standards, and that’s your fault.”

The question for voters to decide is whether they can support a woman who they feel is ‘Minnesota nice’ when they discover she is anything but.

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