Men of course. White men to be specific. This from the woman who said, “Women only voted for Trump because their husbands or fathers told them to.” Well Hillary you can’t have it both ways_in your world anyone that disagrees with you can’t think for themselves or is intimidated into choosing another thought process.

A lot of “grown-up male leaders” are scared of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg, failed U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Sunday, adding she finds it hard to understand the current state of politics.

Clinton was speaking in London alongside her daughter Chelsea at the launch of their co-authored book – The Book Of Gutsy Women: Favourite Stories Of Courage And Resilience.

In it they share the stories of the women who have inspired them, with the 16-year-old Swede among them.

“Do as I say, NOT as I do,” is a motto Clinton lives by. At a previous book signing, Laura Loomer asked her a couple of simple questions. Hillary had her escorted out by her security force. It seems that Clinton was “intimidated” by facts.

Thunberg was included in the book one year ago when the mother-daughter duo read about her solitary climate strike in front of Swedish parliament.

“We were so moved by it,” Clinton said at Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall.

Since then, Greta has sailed across the Atlantic and spoken at the U.N. about climate change, both events Clinton claims add to the mystification of male political leaders, repeating a message she delivered in September when she gushed over Thunberg’s emotional speech at the United Nations’ Climate Action Summit, calling it “required viewing for every lawmaker.”

Clinton loves anyone who falls in lockstep with her and doesn’t question her actions. A child with a mental disorder is perfect.

Laura Loomer is an independent investigative journalist who made her name investigating corrupt politicians, jihadists, communists, and Big Tech. If you want to support her independent journalism, she’s featured in the new release, The Switch-Featuring Laura Loomer.

Now Clinton has returned to the topic.

“It’s been fascinating to watch how scared a lot of grown up male leaders are of this young 16-year-old girl who speaks up about the threat of climate change,” Clinton said in London. “She is a young women, so the idea that she is standing up and speaking out as effectively as she has just rattles all of the paradigms that people still live with.”

Clinton pointed to what she called, “ancient DNA imprinting” that determines “‘This is what women are supposed to do and this is what they are supposed to look like’ and you are not supposed to be so pushy and aggressive … it is maddening how much that still operates.”

Elsewhere in the discussion, Clinton said she had “always admired Britain”even if the current state of politics confuses her.

She added: “I am, as a great admirer, concerned because I can’t make sense of what is happening.” she also said she found the same bafflement with U.S. politics.

“In my own country as well. I don’t understand it…. It’s hard to figure out exactly where you’re headed.”

As for her own political heroes, Clinton said former U.S. President Barack Obama is a role model for modern men.

“I think Barack Obama was a very gutsy person but who worked so, so hard not to let it show,” she said.

“He knew the undercurrents that were working against him and he’s been a great defender of women’s rights and opportunities.”

Laura Loomer is running for Congress in the 21st District of Florida…the permanent residence of President Trump.


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    • larry chadwick

    • 12 months ago

    Good job Laura i hope more people come out to support you god now we need news like you give and i will support you everytime i see the opportunity but money is hard to give when i dont have much.

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