French Jew who survived 2016 stabbing dies at 65.

Chalom Levy died on 29 December after the attack in 2016 by a man who shouted about ‘Allah’, but who was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial.

Levy was initially stabbed by a man who shouted about Allah. He succumbed to his injuries and died on Dec. 29,2019, aboard an airplane that took him to France from Israel, where he had just celebrated his daughter’s wedding, Actualite Juive reported Thursday. He was 65.

“He had never recovered from the attack, not physically or psychologically,” Levy’s lawyer, Raphael Nisand, said.

The attacker’s blade pierced Levy’s liver and one of his kidneys. The Tribune report suggested that Levy died of complications from that injury but did not indicate the exact cause of death.

As horrific as this story is, it gets worse. It was the assailant’s second stabbing of a Jew in Strasbourg, France. He never stood trial for the first assault. He was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial. Surely the courts learned after their first grievous mistake…you’d be wrong. After Levy’s stabbing, the assailant was imprisoned for six months and let go. Same reason. He was mentally unfit to stand trial.

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The assailant’s name was not reported in the French media and his whereabouts are unknown, Nisand told the DNA local news site.

“This is a man who’s on his second stabbing of a Jew in Strasbourg. What has the judiciary got to say about this?” the lawyer asked. “All traceability of the man is lost when he’s declared irresponsible for his actions.”

You guessed it_this is not a one and done story. French Jews had to swallow the court’s decision on Levy’s attacker as they were trying to come to terms with another attack where the assailant was freed.

A judge decided not to try a 29-year-old man who had confessed to killing his Jewish neighbour in April 2017 in Paris. Kobili Traore, who also shouted about Allah in his attack, killed Sarah Halimi because she was Jewish, the court ruled, but cannot stand trial because he had a “delirious episode” induced by smoking too much marijuana. It seems it’s open season on Jews in France especially if the assailant is a Muslim.

Facing record levels of anti-Semitism, many French Jews are joining an exodus to Israel. A third of all the French Jews who’ve emigrated to Israel since its establishment in 1948 have done so in the last 10 years, according to data from the Jewish Agency, which facilitates Jewish immigration to Israel. The 1950 Law of Return enables any Jew from around the world to become an Israeli citizen entitled to numerous government benefits, including financial aid, tax breaks, free Hebrew courses, and a free flight to Israel. In 2015 alone, nearly 8,000 French Jews made what is known as Aliyah—ascent to the Holy Land—the largest number from any Western nation in a single year.

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