The Never Trumper holdouts—an increasingly endangered species—are as scared as the establishment Democrats. “Bernie Can’t Win,” David “Axis of Evil” Frum wrote pleadingly in the Atlantic (1/27/20). “Bernie Sanders’s Trump-Like Campaign Is a Disaster for Democrats,” cried the Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin (1/27/20). “Anyone But Trump? Not So Fast,” counseled the New York Times’ Bret Stephens (1/24/20).

The Wall Street–funded Democratic think tank Third Way has also pulled out all the stops against Sanders’ rise—with media’s help. The group put out “A Warning” to Iowa Democrats (1/28/20), advising them that because of media negligence and the strategic calculation of his rivals, you have not seen much real exploration of the politically toxic background and ideas of the current polling leader in Iowa and a national co-frontrunner.

The memo proceeded to offer a lengthy list of ways Trump would attack Sanders—an easy list for them to compose, since some of them, such as that he’ll be called a socialist and that Medicare for All is unpopular, are ones the Third Way itself has used to attack Sanders.

The media have been happy to offer a platform for this message. The Washington Post recently gave Third Way an op-ed column (1/15/20) to make its case that “Bernie Sanders’s agenda makes him the definition of unelectable.” USA Today (1/29/20) likewise gave Third Way leaders space to charge, “Democrats Court Doom by Backing Bernie Sanders. His Ideas Are Toxic Outside Blue America.” And the group has been popping up in the latest round of centrist-source articles (among other usual suspects, like Rahm Emanuel and James Carville), in which establishment sources make unsubstantiated claims that reporters pass on without comment.

As polling less than a week from the Iowa caucus indicates that the durable candidacy of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is beginning to crest, its anxiety is intensifying alongside a growing fear that swing voters or disaffected former Trump voters will see Sanders as a bridge too far. While this will inevitably be true for some of these voters, what the Never Trumpers really mean is that Sanders is a bridge too far for themselves. They have arrived at this moment aghast that Democratic voters might not see the post-Trump restoration of the Republican Party as their highest priority.

Faced with the prospect that Democratic caucusgoers may not exclusively have their interests as their guiding star, Never Trump Republicans are warning that they may sit out their only remaining opportunity to vote the president out of office.

When hatred over a person overcomes your love for the country, then these Never Trumpers need a few sessions on a couch at a bare minimum.

Watch this video of Laura Loomer, a Jewish investigative journalist, who is now running for Congress in President Trump’s home district as she confronts a group of Marxist women, Sanders core base. If this group of people setting policies for this country, doesn’t scare you, then you need more than a few sessions on the couch.

To fight this scourge of emerging communists in this country, we need to elect MAGA capitalists to support President Trump. There’s a Jewish investigative journalist, Laura Loomer, who is running in President Trump’s home district who has the balls to take AOC and The Squad on. She’s got a track record of doing it as a journalist and because she was so effective the leftist media and Big Tech have silenced her by deplatforming her. BUT she’s fighting back and running for Congress. She’s been endorsed by Judge Jeanine, Michelle Malkin, Brandon Straka, Roger Stone, and the Limbaugh team.  Because she’s been deplatformed and breaking election rules, BIG TECH has refused to allow her back on, so she’s suing them but there’s no clue as to when or if this will be resolved before the election, so I’m helping to get information about her out there. On 12/28/19, President Trump retweeted a tweet of mine on illegal immigration and in support of Laura Loomer’s congressional run. Because she will be a national voice capable of Taking on AOC and The Squad, she’s a candidate drawing support from all 50 states. Please support her with whatever you can afford. Small donations add up.

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