Trouble in Commie Paradise as Clash of The Egos Erupt Between AOC and Sanders

Washington Examiner-Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and the leader of “the Squad” are reportedly not seeing eye to eye on the campaign trail. New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is reportedly frustrating the Sanders campaign during her appearances at the socialist’s campaign rallies. While Sanders was occupied in the Senate during the impeachment trial of President Trump, AOC subbed […]

Two-Faced Mini Mike Blames Minorities for Housing Crash in 2008-Video

As Dagen McDowell said the other day on Outnumbered, “The Bloomberg candidacy is a bit like online dating. He looks good on paper until you meet him.” If you support President Trump, then you’ll want to support Laura Loomer for Congress, too. She’s a young female version of him running in his home district. […]

‘Being Trump’ to Star Dean Cain a Film madeby the “Christian film ministry.” It’s a “political comedy” that “unveils the truth and mystery about Donald Trump’s politics.”

Newswire- Dean Cain went from playing Lois & Clark’s Supermanto charging $75 for people to watch him read Peter Strzok and Lisa Page texts. Now, despite the latter show getting a CPAC revival, the pro-Trump actor has lined up what may be his best role yet. Per a new press release from JCFilms, a “Christian film ministry,” Cain […]

Relive Dave Chappelle on Jucy Smollet-Video

Democrats and their hatred of President Trump and his supporters knows no bounds. Jewish journalist, Laura Loomer, became famous for storming the production of Julius Caesar which featured the beheading of President Trump. Laura Loomer is now running for Congress in President Trump’s district. Jewish journalist, Laura Loomer, made her name investigating corrupt politicians such […]

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