If Elected, Elizabeth Warren wants to create a Justice Department task force to investigate Trump administration and family

The Democrats have reached full throated Communist levels. The future is scary even with them in the minority, but if they gain power this country will become the next Venezuela or Cuba overnight. Democratic presidential contender Elizabeth Warren said Tuesday she would create an independent task force in the Justice Department to investigate corruption by […]

Tlaib shared a false tweet claiming that a 7-year-old Palestinian boy was “kidnapped and executed” by Israeli settlers and was “assaulted and thrown in a water well.”

Tlaib got caught redhanded. Did she apologize for spreading more hatred of Israel. No. It wouldn’t have been from her heart because she’s an admitted Jew hater. This was her statement, “In this era of inaccurate and manipulative news, I will also strive to hold myself to the highest standards for what I share,” and […]

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