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To Leave ‘The Religion of Peace’ Can Bring Death

Islam is NOT ‘The Religion of Peace.’ Allah wants all ‘non-believers’ dead. Yet, no one in our Congress will stand up to Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. When thy took their oath of office, they took it on The Quran, not the Bible. They are anti-Jew anti-America and fundamentally want to change our country. Yet, […]

‘Marry-your-rapist’ bill introduced in Turkey Yet Tlab, Omar, & Alyssa Milano Refuse to Condemn FGM (Female genital mutilation) While Turkish News Outlets Call For Funding for Ilhan Omar

Memri writes-Turkish News Outlets Call For Funding For Omar In his article, Dr. Cherkaoui wrote that “donating money to Omar’s campaign fund would be an adequate way of denying powerful organizations the power to censor alternative voices.” The article, which originally appeared in Yeni Şafak, was also published, with the same call for funds, on both the […]

Have Judeo-Christians Lost Control of This Country as a Florida Cop is Suspended for Liking his Wife’s Social Media Posts Criticizing Tlaib and Omar?

“Bay Harbor Islands cop suspended for social media post on wife’s anti-Muslim comments,” by Aaron Leibowitz, Miami Herald, January 16, 2020: The husband of a Hallandale Beach commissioner who was condemned for anti-Muslim comments was placed on administrative leave by the Bay Harbor Islands police department Thursday for social media posts appearing to show support for […]

“Kill the Rich, Put Republicans In Camps”- An Inside Look Into Bernie Sanders True Plans for America

By Ryan Saavedra, Daily Wire, January 22, 2020: The undercover video produced by Project Veritas allegedly shows Martin Weissgerber, South Carolina field organizer for the campaign, talking about wanting to kill wealthy people and wanting to throw Republicans into camps. Qutoes from the video provided by Project Veritas include: “Let’s force them (billionaires) to build roads … […]

From The Party of Tolerance-Lib stabs, kills pro-Trump boss, drapes American flag over him, deputies say

And this article explains why MAGA supporters are afraid to speak out. The bullying by the Communist left has to stop. Channel 6 News-ORLANDO, Fla. – A construction worker with anti-government beliefs is accused of fatally stabbing his boss, who was a “proud and outspoken American and pro-Donald Trump,” according to an Orange County sheriff’s arrest affidavit. […]

Iranian movie made by Elizabeth Warren’s son-in-law portrays jihad attack on the White House and Capitol, killing Trump, Pompeo and Netanyahu

The leftists will say President Trump and his administration brought this on themselves. Wrong. Here’s a headline from Feb. 28,2015, Iran: Muslim cleric vows to “raise flag of Islam on White House.” “Iran cleric vows to ‘raise flag of Islam on White House’ to avenge Israeli attack,” Jerusalem Post, February 27, 2015 (thanks to Jerk Chicken): […]

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