Triggered-Loomer Causes Major Dem Blue Check Meltdown Again

No one, NOT even Laura Loomer (Although she’s a close second) TRIGGERS liberals like President Trump, so when I got retweeted on 12/28/19 (my tweet was about the death of a mother of 6 by a 6 time released illegal immigrant. The tweet, as always, was in support of Laura Loomer), the wrath of the […]

Michelle Malkin Floats Idea of Running for Congress-Here’s Why

Michelle Malkin has always been a supporter of Laura Loomer and her willingness to say what needs to be said, regardless of the consequencs. Malkin is the same. That’s what we need in Congress. Below is an article Malkin wrote endorsing Laura Loomer for Congress, and it will give you insight into her thinking. Malkin: […]

Get Informed & Read What the U.S. Census Bureau is Doing Partnering With Islamic Terror Org CAIR ‘To Protect Muslim Communities From Becoming Targets’-Laura Loomer

The U.S. Census Bureau announced its plan to join forces with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization internationally recognized as an Islamic terrorist organization, to ensure Muslim participation in the 2020 Census. CAIR’s partnership with the bureau will consist of coordination with Islamic centers nationwide to inform American Muslims about the 2020 Census […]

Bye-Bye Nanny Bloomberg “You’re Out”-Laura Loomer for Congress

You got it, “We can’t handle the truth,” so Nanny Bloomberg will decide for us. But President Trump knows better. So he took Bloomberg News’ press credentials. Take that Nanny Bloomberg. Bloomberg News Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait released a memo last week saying the news agency will not “investigate” Michael Bloomberg, who has entered the 2020 […]