Lois Frankel, Laura Loomer’s Competitor for Congress, and President Trump’s Congresswoman Voted Against His Muslim Ban-Video

Laura Loomer got deplatformed for calling Ilhan Omar anti- Jewish and pro Sharia. She’s spent much of her journalism career confronting jihadists and corrupt politicians infiltrating our government. She’s a fighter and if you’re not familiar with her, I have videos below. Even though races are local, they have national consequences. This is why every […]

Lois Frankel, Laura Loomer for Congress’s Competitor, and President Trump’s Current Congresswoman Led the Charge to Investigate him 2 Years Ago for Sexual Allegations-Video

Congressional races may be local, but they have national ramifications for all U.S. citizens, and that’s why it’s so important to fight the greatest fighter running for Congress today. You can donate here > For those of you not familiar with her, I have videos below. You’ll love them. Jewish journalist, Laura Loomer, made […]

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