I love American Chinese restaurants as much as most people, but I will never like foods that are acceptable over there such as eating bats, rats, cats, dogs, and horses. Chinese people even consume bat poop because they believe it has medicinal properties that are effective as combatting malaria, gonorrhea, and eye diseases.

Bat soup is popular in Wuhan where the Coronavirus originated. The coronavirus shares a strain of virus found in bats and this new virus can be passed to humans.

As experts ponder the future extent of the Coronavirus, it brings back the subject of border security and knowing who is coming into our country. No one is saying that we shouldn’t allow Chinese people into the U.S., but having an open border with no way to check who is or isn’t coming into the country has a multitude of risks. Diseases are just one of them. Diseases like hoof and mouth were prevalent from the UK and threatened our livestock industry 20 years ago. For a couple of years I had to have my shoes disinfected every time I re-entered the country. Back then it wasn’t a partisan issue, but nowadays if you want anyone screened other than those red b_____rd Russians, you get called a racist for wanting to keep the American citizens and businesses safe.

I have never had much faith in most politicians. President Trump is the first one to stand up and fight the PC machine for the American people which is why people love him so much. I have gotten to know a young Jewish reporter, Laura Loomer, who has these same qualities over the past year. I have never volunteered for any Congressional candidates and Laura Loomer is the first one that I truly believe can go back there and effect change. She’s a young female version of our President.

She happens to be running in President Trump’s home district, too. President Trump retweeted a tweet of mine on 12/28/19 in support of her. He can’t retweet her because she’s been depaltformed by all the major social media companies for standing up and calling out Ilhan Omar as anti-Jewish. Because she plows ahead and does what’s right, regardless of the consequences, she’s been endorses by Judge Jeanine, Michelle Malkin, Brandon Straka, and many more. You can support her from anywhere in the country. Small donations are great. Just ask Bernie Sanders who raises millions from small donors. Her link is and a video about her is below.

If you love Laura Loomer’s journalism and like thrillers dealing with modern day events, then I think you will love The Switch-Featuring Laura Loomer. E-Books and Print Print
E-Books and Print E-Books and Print Print


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