WATCH: CNN Compares Dershowitz To Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, People Who Commit Genocide

By DailyWire, January 30th, 2020:

CNN contributor and former Clinton administration official Joe Lockhart compared remarks that Trump lawyer Alan Dershowitz made in defense of President Donald Trump on Wednesday to something that would be said by dictators Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

CNN played a short clip of Dershowitz’s remarks from the Senate floor on Wednesday: “Every public official that I know believes that his election is in the public interest and mostly you’re right. Your election is in the public interest and if a president does something that he believes will help him get elected, in the public interest, that cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment.”

Lockhart responded, “What I thought when I was watching it was: this is un-American. This is what you hear from Stalin. This is what you hear from Mussolini, what you hear from authoritarians, from Hitler, from all the authoritarian people who rationalized, in some cases genocide, based what was in the public interest.”

CNN’s host Erin Burnett did not push back at all on Lockhart’s remarks.

CNN contributor Scott Jennings later pushed back when it was his turn to talk, saying, “By the way Erin, if I may, I just have to respond to something that my friend Joe said and I’m not there to elbow him in the ribs.”

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