I love horses and have several of them, but I don’t think Americans want to have to rely on them for transportation. But that isn’t even assured that the horses could be fed because 150 years ago the population was much smaller. To take care of horses, you need hay, grain, and water. That requires electricity and transportation by large semi-trucks to deliver hay. Since Comrade Sanders is a proponent of The Green New Deal that means all vehicles except for the ruling class will be taken off the road since they use oil products. Of course if people don’t have jobs, they can’t afford to feed their horses and take to eating their animals in order to survive like in Korea, Venezuela etc.

Donald Trump Jr. made a tweet in regards to socialism that said, “Americans don’t want socialism because they prefer to walk their dogs than eat their dogs.” A truer statement was never made about socialism/communism.

If their ideas were so great, they wouldn’t be censoring or outright shutting us down through their comrades Big Tech and taking our guns away at every chance they get. An unarmed society can’t fight back.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t trust you. He doesn’t trust you to make intelligent decisions for yourself or your family. He believes you need to be led by the nose to the water trough and told exactly what is in your best interests.

And since the chances pretty slim of even a Democratic Congress doing what he commands, he will fall back on using the “executive order” to govern.

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National Review:

“As we continue discussing the early work of your presidency and the progress we can make, below for review is a brief overview of executive actions you could take early in your administration,” read a document  reviewed by the  Post. “We cannot accept delays from Congress on some of the most pressing issues, especially those like immigration where Trump has governed with racism and for his own corrupt benefit.”

Several of the executive orders would reverse President Trump’s policies on immigration, including an immediate halt of border wall construction, removing a limit on accepting refugees for asylum, and reinstating the Obama-era DACA program.

OK, so Democrats hate Trump. But Sanders would go far beyond Trump-hatred and consciously, deliberately wreck the American economy.

The list of potential executive orders includes unilaterally allowing the United States to import prescription drugs from Canada; directing the Justice Department to legalize marijuana; and declaring climate change a national emergency while banning the exportation of crude oil. Other options cited in the document include canceling federal contracts for firms paying less than $15 an hour and reversing federal rules blocking U.S. funding to organizations that provide abortion counseling.

The campaign’s potential executive orders come amid increased scrutiny about how Sanders, one of the most left-leaning members in Congress, would attempt to advance his agenda. One of Sanders’s top rivals on the campaign trail, former vice president Joe Biden, has talked about working with Republicans in some cases to enact his agenda. Sanders’s approach appears to be different.

Below is a video of Jewish journalist, Laura Loomer, trying to talk to a group of Communist Bernie supporters. Needless to say they have been brainwashed and the thought of Sanders running our government is downright terrifying.

Loomer confronts Sanders right hand woman, Commie Cortez below. She’s great at spewing out her ridiculous Commie thoughts, but don’t dare to ask her a thoughtful question.

Loomer got deplatformed by Big Tech who is on a mission to silence conservatives. She’s fighting back with multiple lawsuits, and she announced a run for Congress in President Trump’s home district. Because of her willingness to go after communists, jihadists, and corrupt officials, she’s been endorsed by Judge Jeanine, Michelle Malkin, Brandon Straka, and the Limbaugh team. President Trump also retweeted a tweet of mine on 12/28/19 in support of Loomer. If you want a fighter in Congress to counter AOC and The Squad, then please support her. She’s a candidate who will represent all Americans as many issues are national. Small donations help.

If you love modern day thrillers, then I think you’ll love The Switch-Laura Loomer. E-Book and Print Print E-Book and Print Print


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