In the current political climate, police, military, ICE, and Border Patrol routinely are assailed for upholding the law. This video is an example of the police doing their job and protecting the public, namely a suicidal veteran. We owe the veterans of this country everything.

Colorado and New Mexico are two southwestern states that have turned from either red or purple to blue. Some of it is due to illegal immigration and some of it is liberals relocating here from California and the northeast. As such, the 2nd amendment is under fire here. ICE facilities were attacked in Denver. The National Guard was pulled from New Mexico’s porous border. Drivers licenses are issued to illegals in New Mexico and no ID is necessary to vote there. Statewide elections have consequences nationally. Virginia approved late term abortions and a physician isn’t even needed to perform the surgery effective yesterday. 2A rights have been ripped away. It’s spreading across the country.

Many grew up only worrying about their local politicians, but with the explosion of social media powerful Congressional members can control policies on a national basis. Who really thinks Speaker Pelosi would have proceeded with impeachment if her extreme left flank guided by AOC and The Squad weren’t in charge. I participate in many election rooms on social media and the standard statement I get it, “When will we get our own AOC?” There is a Jewish journalist running for COngress in President Trump’s home dostrict who will be just that and her name is Laura Loomer.

To fight this scourge of emerging communists in this country, we need to elect MAGA capitalists to support President Trump. There’s a Jewish investigative journalist, Laura Loomer, who is running in President Trump’s home district who has the balls to take AOC and The Squad on. She’s got a track record of doing it as a journalist and because she was soeffective the leftist media and Big Tech have silenced her by deplatforming her. BUT she’s fighting back and running for Congress. She’s been endorsed by Judge Jeanine, Michelle Malkin, Brandon Straka, Roger Stone, and the Limbaugh team.  Because she’s been deplatformed and breaking election rules, BIG TECH has refused to allow her back on, so she’s suing them but there’s no clue as to when or if this will be resolved before the election, so I’m helping to get information about her out there. On 12/28/19, President Trump retweeted a tweet of mine on illegal immigration and in support of Laura Loomer’s congressional run. Because she will be a national voice capable of Taking on AOC and The Squad, she’s a candidate drawing support from all 50 states. Please support her with whatever you can afford. Small donations add up. Below are a couple of videos of her if you’re not familiar with her.

If you love modern day thrillers, then I think you’ll enjoy The Switch-Featuring Laura Loomer. For E-Books and Print Print For E-Books and Print Print


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