Omar has expressed her desire for American citizens and ICE agents to be infected with Mumps as an act of open borders biological warfare.

In yet another example as to why Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar is unfit to be serving in the US Congress, the disgraced Congresswoman expressed her desire in a tweet for American citizens and ICE agents to be infected with Mumps as an act of open borders biological warfare.

Biological warfare is defined as: “the use of toxins of biological origin or microorganisms as weapons of war.”

According to Omar, illegal aliens infected with highly contagious diseases who break international law and cross over over the US border ought to be allowed to further infect Americans and law enforcement stationed on the border.

In Omar’s own words, “we should be welcoming immigrants into our country”…even if they have mumps and other infectious diseases.

That’s right. Democrats like Ilhan Omar seem to want open borders at the expense of Americans being infected with highly contagious micro-organisms carried by illegal aliens who are traveling in massive caravans of thousands of people with the stated goal of forcefully penetrating an international border.

Make no mistake. The act of penetrating an international border with thousands of people with the purpose of invading a country is an act of war, and would be treated as such by any other sovereign country in the world.

Depending on the type of Microorganism some illegals are infected with, these diseases can create a national health epidemic and health emergency if given the opportunity to spread like wildfire throughout the United States.

Ilhan Omar@IlhanMN

Ilhan Omar’s tweet-We should be welcoming immigrants into our country. Instead, we are locking them in cages and infecting them.

We need immigration reform. And that begins with abolishing ICE. …AP Health & Science✔@APHealthScienceMumps has swept through 57 immigration detention facilities in 19 U.S. states since September, health officials say.

Omar’s statement is an open declaration of biological warfare against the American people and law enforcement officers. Her idea of immigration reform isn’t securing the border and decreasing the spread of infectious disease. Her idea of immigration reform is firing ICE agents for following US law, and punishing American citizens and law enforcement for the un-sanitary third-world conditions of the “shit hole” nations that majority of these illegal aliens are migrating from.

Let’s examine Omar’s tweet one more time.

On August 31, 2019, she tweeted:

“We should be welcoming immigrants into our country. Instead, we are locking them in cages and infecting them. We need immigration reform. And that begins with abolishing ICE.”

Omar not only called for infected migrants to be allowed to cross illegally into the US with disregard to American citizens who have gone to great lengths to vaccinate their children to prevent mumps and other diseases, but she called for abolishing ICE in reference to mumps.

On August 29, 2019, AP Health and Science tweeted,

” Mumps has swept through 57 immigration detention facilities in 19 U.S. states 

since September, health officials say.”
Migrants from third world countries where infectious and sometimes lethal diseases are found, including countries in Africa and South and Central America, are illegally entering the US through the Southern border.
Not only do these migrants infect other migrants they come in contact with, but they also infect Border Patrol officers and ICE agents who come into contact with migrants when they are caught and detained for breaking US law.
Instead of advocating for LEGAL immigration and showing concern for the fact that Mumps are now at an all time high in the United States thanks to illegal aliens and the open borders Democrats who welcome disease ridden people with open arms, Omar called for infected criminal migrants to be allowed into the United States and blamed US Border Patrol and ICE officers for infected migrants.
ICE agents didn’t infect migrants with mumps, but Omar wants her fellow deranged followers and colleagues to spread that allegation in an attempt to incite violence against ICE agents.
In fact, it’s the other way round. Infected migrants are infecting other migrants and ICE agents with diseases they contracted in their impoverished disease ridden countries of origin.
Omar has also been quoted in the past calling for the “eradication of ICE’s existence”. Following her calls for violence against ICE officials, a domestic terrorist who cited Omar and AOC in his manifesto tried to fire bomb an ICE facility with the goal of killing every agent inside.

Omar  unsatisfied with the fact that her follower was unsuccessful in killing ICE agents, is now looking for another way to “abolish ICE”.
Infectious diseases.
It is undeniable that Omar is advocating for ICE agents to be physically abolished through mumps, a contagious microorganism that could be used as a weapon of biological warfare, especially given that caravans of thousands of people are attempting to storm the US border with the encouragement of radical Democrats like Ilhan Omar.
In 1967, before a vaccine was created, Mumps was a common child hood disease. However, with the creation of the vaccine, Mumps and measles were nearly eradicated in the United States. Increases in mumps and measles are directly correlated with the rise of illegal immigration in the United States.
If Omar was a true American, she might have a greater sense of urgency to keep Americans safe from infectious disease. But Omar, who took her oath on the Quran, has referred to Somalia as her “home”, and constantly attacks the United States as an “unjust” nation. Omar originates and has allegiance to a country that has deep seated hatred for Americans and Western values, which is why Omar couldn’t care less about Americans contracting disease. Omar’s goal is to make America just like her Islamic country of origin, even if that means bringing the leading causes of death in Somalia to America through the US-Mexico border.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), lower respiratory infections are still the leading cause of deaths in Somalia, followed by diarrhoeal diseases, measles, malnutrition, tuberculosis, meningitis and maternal conditions.
These are all diseases that Border Patrol officers have been exposed to on the job upon coming into contact with illegal aliens.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases are spreading among migrants South of the border.

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