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During the course of our investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s financials we stumbled upon information that revealed to us that Prescott Bush, former President George HW Bush’s father, and former President George Bush Jr.’s grandfather, had their businesses and banks confiscated because they had three partners that were Nazi officers and were found to be funding Adolf Hitler during World War II.


Here is the timeline executed under President Roosevelt :

  • October 20, 1942
    • Union Bank Corp in NYC found to be Nazi Shell Company
      • Prescott Bush was Director of Union Bank Corp
      • Shareholders were Bush, Harriman and 3 Nazi officers
  • October 28, 1942
    • Roosevelt seized two companies as fronts for 3rd Reich
      • Bush-Harriman Bank (subsidiary of Union Bank Corp NYC)
      • Seamless Steel (owned and Operated by Bush-Harriman Bank)
  • November 8, 1942
    • Roosevelt seized Nazi-controlled assets
      • Silesian-American Corp (owned and Operated by Bush-Harriman Bank)

Bush family legacy built by Nazi money and funded the killing of Jews by Adolf Hitler.

Incredibly, even though Bush 41’s family was linked to Nazis, he served in the Texas Air National Guard, was the Director of the CIA, and graduated Harvard Business School. In fact, Bush 41’s family wealth, which was created by the blood of Jewish people, never hindered him because he became president.

Bush 41 should be referred to a three term president. After the failed assassination of Reagan, Bush really ran the show.

Bush 41, prior to entering the White House hit the ground running on building a commodity empire like his father did and did it in the same way his father did too. He didn’t get in bed with Nazis, they were long gone.

Instead, he partnered up with other Jew haters.

Radical Muslims in the Middle East.

In the late 70s, Bush 41 established an array of oil exploration companies. Arbusto 76, Arbusto 77, Arbusto 78, Arbusto 79, and Arbusto 80. One company every year since 1976 – respectively – representing the “Bush” companies. Arbusto in Spanish means BUSH.

When Bush 41 was in the Air National Guard, he had a friend that, like Bush 41, also worked for the CIA. His friend was James Bath, who was an airplane broker. Bath sold airplanes around the world and was even the person who sold the plane to Barry Seal (also CIA) who was the alleged Noriega mule in the MENA scandal (“coincidence”).

Bush 41’s plane broker buddy had a lot of money and represented a lot of deep pockets that he invested on behalf of. Thus, when Bush 41 wanted to take hold of oil production in Texas, he reached out to his CIA buddy for investments.

There is a partially sealed court case, White v. Bath, 825 SW 2d 227 – Tex: Court of Appeals 1992 that shows a 1976 Trust agreement between Bush 41’s buddy Bath and Salem bin Laden, Osama bin Laden’s brother.

There is also testimony that James Bath worked in an official capacity with the CIA when his best friend and business partner Bush 41 was the Director of the CIA. Salem bin Laden was Osama bin Laden’s older brother. A fun fact about the bin Laden family empire is the largest construction and real estate company in the Middle East. Bin Laden’s brothers are not all Saudi, some are Jordanian, Syrian and Lebanese.

This civil suit was a result of a falling out between property developer Bill White and his then partner James Bath in regards to their Houston Gulf Airport development. It seems that White didn’t APPROVE of agreements in regards to aircraft licensing, servicing ports, and international partnerships Bath was arranging, among other things.

Bush 41 received investments for his various companies created from 1976 and onward from James Bath who represented Salem bin Laden exclusively in regards to his U.S. based investments. In the same civil suit there is under oath testimony made by Bath himself who admits not only to doing business with Salem bin Laden, but that he also managed multiple portfolios of investments into companies in the United States of Sheik Khalid bin Mahfouz, as well as other Saudi mongols. Bush 41 and Bush 43 were partners in businesses with banking tycoon Sheik Khalid bin Mahfouz for over a decade.

As allegations in the early 90’s surfaced during this civil suit, a specific division of the Justice Department that was under the purview of the Chief of the Criminal Division in the Justice Department, The Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FinCEN), opened up an investigation to substantiate and or debunk the claims. Bush 41 appointed ROBERT MUELLER as CHIEF of the Criminal Division in the Justice Department and Mueller was directly OVERSEEING the FinCEN investigation into these matters.


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“I’m Going to Destroy The Squad,” says Laura Loomer-Featured in This Ripped From The Headlines Explosive Thriller of “Good vs Evil.” If you love Laura Loomer’s guerilla style of journalism and her relentless pursuit of the truth, then you’ll love her in The Switch-Featuring Laura Loomer.     Laura’s proceeds from the book fund her independent journalism.
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Obviously, the Bush family was never mentioned in any of Mueller’s reports. It’s almost as if he was placed there to ensure the names were purposely omitted, since Bush family investments in Bahrain and Kuwait were controversial. This was because they seemed like the profits Bush 43 made selling off Middle Eastern Oil shares were done due to insider information Bush 43 received from his dad, who was president at the time.

During the course of the investigation, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) was shut down and dismantled when it was determined to be the “black bank” and the washing machine for all corrupt networks across the globe. Asian mafias, Mexican cartels, Noriega, Saddam Hussein, terrorists, poppy plant drug lord of Asia Khun Sa, and many Republicans and Democrats in Washington including the Bushes, Clintons, and other notorious Hill names surfaced as clients. The global bank that operated in almost 80 countries was shut down because it was determined that Black Gold money from the Middle East was “influencing” politicians in the USA.

Who was the major shareholder of BCCI? Bush 41 and Bush 43’s business partner Sheik Khalid bin Mahfouz, who was one of his largest investors in the Arbusto 79 and 80 companies.

In 1982, while Bush 41 was Vice President of the United States of America, he merged all the Arbusto companies into Arbusto 79 and Arbusto 80 and in turn, put them under the control of Bush Exploration LLP, which was majority owned by Bush 43.

In 1984, Bush 43 merged Bush Exploration LLP with another company and Spectrum 7 Energy Corp was born. Right after the 1984 Presidential elections, Bush 43’s Spectrum 7 Energy Corp became a part of the company Harken Energy Corp in which he was given just under 250,000 shares and the position of Director of Harken Energy Corp in 1986.

In 1988 Bush 41 was elected as the 41st President of the United States and brokered a sweet deal for Harken Energy Corp where Bush 43 was a Director for Oil Exploration in Bahrain. It was only 16 months after the deal was struck that Bush 43 sold his interest in Harken only days before the company stocks tanked because Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Bush 43 made about $1 MIL in profit and many even until today claim his dad tipped him off and that this was insider trading, but no one has ever brought charges or investigated the claims.

Sheik Khalid bin Mahfouz was Osama bin Laden’s brother in law. In fact his sister was married to Osama.

Recently, NY POST posted an article exposing Robert Mueller’s efforts to cover up for Saudis following 9/11:

In fact, Mueller threw up roadblocks in the path of his own investigators working the 9/11 case, while making it easier for Saudi suspects to escape questioning, multiple case agents told me. Then he deep-sixed what evidence his agents did manage to uncover, according to the 9/11 lawsuit against the Saudis.



As reported by in an article yesterday demonstrating how Mueller put more effort into the Russia Hoax than the 9/11 investigation, this site reported:

Mueller NEVER actually had an OATH of OFFICE ceremony. He never did. His oath of office swearing in was the equivalent of eloping. His wife, along with maybe 5 other people. No cameras, no press, no ceremony. Eloping into the slot of FBI Director. My thoughts on September 4, 2001…Why such a hurry? It’s not like he knew that exactly ONE week from his appointment 9/11 would happen. Right?

Mueller’s Russia Hoax Investigation Was More Detailed And Desperate For An Outcome Than 9/11

Did you know that between Tuesday, September 4, 2001, and Friday, September 7, 2001, Mueller shuffled, hired, fired and appointed the whole Counter Terrorism squad ONLY? Just pointing out some really important facts no one else is. 

Mueller’s Russia Hoax Investigation Was More Detailed And Desperate For An Outcome Than 9/11


Why the rush to appoint, slot in and re-arrange counter terror division? Our sources say that our Intelligence community knew Osama Bin Laden had something planned. The Bush Administration KNEW – the family of the then sitting President of the United States of America, George Bush Jr., would be linked to funding for Osama Bin Laden due to Bush 41’s business investments through Bath and the extended bin Laden family. . That is probably why Mueller was quickly hired, and immediately took office with no Oath Ceremony.

On Friday September 7, 2001, Mueller raided Holy Land Foundation and its internet firm InfoCom Corp, confiscating all financials and monetary transaction history. Islamic Relief Foundation was raided as well.

Bush 43’s company profits that were generated with Saudi counterparts helped fund the 9/11 attack via the Islamic Relief and Holy Land Foundation and other Islamic charities. John O’Neill, former deputy director of the FBI and leading expert on 9/11, warned about an attack and was ignored until the Intel community confirmed that OLD BCCI contacts verified that the Holy Land Foundation and Islamic relief along with other such charities were funding Osama bin Laden.

O’Neill died on 9/11 inside the Twin Towers where he was leading security for the World Trade Center.

Apparently Bush 43’s business partner’s bank (NCB) National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia was funding Osama through Sudan (that is why on August 20, 1998 we bombed Sudan in retaliation for US embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania) where Bush 43’s business partner’s son served on the board. Tens of millions of dollars were funneled to Osama bin Laden through NCB investments that were Bush 43 profit moneies from various investments.

According to the New York Times,

“After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, considerable suspicion fell on Saudi financiers and charities as sources of financing for terrorism. Partly because so much money passed through his bank and a charity he helped establish, Sheik Mahfouz faced a barrage of accusations in books, newspapers and magazines that he and his family had funneled money to Al Qaeda.”

Suspiciously, Sheik Mahfouz died from a heart attack at age 60 in 2009, the same year a judge handed down sentencing in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism trial, which took place in Houston, Texas, several months before his death in the same location of the Bush family’s businesses.

Sheik Mahfouz once acknowledged that he contributed $270,000 to Osama bin Laden’s forces when they were fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan, and he was often accused of funding the 2001 9/11 terrorist attacks, which he denied doing.

In 1993, one year after Bush 41 left office, Sheik Mahfouz paid $225 million to settle charges of bank fraud without admittance of actually committing the fraud, in relation to the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), which was shut down in 1991 due to money laundering.

It must be noted that in 1975, the CIA created a heart attack gun to quietly assassinate people by inducing heart attacks.

One thing that never made sense was Building 7 that collapsed in NYC. According to court records, Islamic Relief accounting records listing all donors from the US were housed in Building 7 as well as monies NCB invested on BEHALF of US partners. That information was derived from the Holy Land INFOCOM servers confiscated by Mueller, but never presented or used in an investigation.

Mueller was hired as FBI Director NOT to cover up the Saudi connections to 9/11 but former President George W. Bush Jr.’s connection to 9/11. Mueller helped cover up connections over a decade ago for Bush 41 as Chief of the Criminal Division at the Justice Department. In the week before 9/11, he was *appointed* Director of the FBI without being sworn it with the purpose of cleaning up and covering up the joint Bin Laden-Bush family investments that contributed to 9/11.

Instead of MUELLER trying to COUNTER whatever attack was planned, and instead of preventing the loss of nearly 3,000 innocent lives on 9/11, it can be argued that Mueller chose to cover up financial ties between the Bush family and the Bin Laden family that may have been responsible for funding Osama bin Laden’s attack on the United States in the worst terrorist attack on US soil.

Laura’s proceeds from the book fund her independent journalism.
Laura Loomer is also running for Congress in the 21st District of Florida_the permanent residence of President Trump.



    • Evie Lemons

    • 6 months ago

    I believe it goes even deeper than that with the corruption and destruction of the towers! I believe all the evil doers including the Bushes has the buildings rigged to implode! The way those towers came down was not from the impact of planes and not from the ensuing fire! The were pulverized and the basements blowed out for them to fall into their footprints the way they did! They even slipped up and said they made the decision to Pull building 7! The American people have been duped for years! I pray it all comes out and they are made to pay!

    1. I imagine we’ll never really know how dep the corruption is.

    • Mike Rouswell

    • 6 months ago

    This scenario seems to leave out anything about #42 which was Clinton. Is Clinton implicated during the gap between 41 and 43?

    1. He;s covered in the other article. Bush, Clinton, and Obama.

    2. The blog article is called Deep State and The Taliban Diaries

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