I met her through a mutual friend on Twitter.

Because she’s a trendsetter who learned guerilla journalism from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas. People who follow her love her no fear journalism in confronting corruption and jihadists.

I have lived in the southwest for 30+ years, so I have seen the effects of illegal immigration. I also traveled to Peru during the height of the Shining Path’s strength. They evolved into a narco-terrorist organization partnering with the Mexican cartels.

Yes. I wanted strong women in the story because women are motivated by many of the same issues as men…money, power, respect. As it turned out, females in real life play important roles in both the cartels and guerilla warfare because they’re generally underestimated.

I don’t know if it’s a growing trend, but cartels are about $ and jihadists will work with whichever criminal organizations they need to to get what they need for jihad.

Yes. It will be even more explosive than this story.

Yes. After I met them in Washington D.C. over the 4th of July, I thought they were misrepresented. I enjoyed spending time with them and decided to add them into the story.