President Trump started out the morning tweeting that Fox News is bending over backwards to be politically correct. He’s absolutely right. Conservatives made Fox News the number one news station and now they’re kicking dirt in the face of the fans who made them.

President Trump says Chris Wallace should move to one of the fake news networks, CNN or MSNBC, and he’s again right.

President Trump is so right on the money. Two years ago Laura Loomer gained international fame when she stormed the production of Julius Caesar as they depicted the beheading of President Trump. She was brought on Hannity and Lou Dobbs. Judge Jeanine also got first wind of her from this and continued to follow her leading to her endorsing Loomer for Congress a few weeks ago at a book signing. But since then Loomer has been deplatformed for a tweet made to Ilhan Omar stating that she’s anti-Jewish and pro Sharia. CAIR (Hamas) lobbied Twitter to suspend her. They did. Facebook and Instagram followed. So did multiple tech companies and MSM outlets including Fox News. She’s fighting back and has filed a FEC complaint against Twitter for election interference, and she has multiple lawsuits filled against big tech for censorship of conservatives and anti-trust violations.

If you want to support Loomer’s run, because she’s fighting for free speech for all of us. I have another post where a long term Florida police officer was suspended from his job for liking a post from his wife criticizing Rashida Tlaib. I could give you multiple other examples as well, but the message is…’Don’t think you’re exempt.’ Banks are closing accounts of conservatives, mortgage lenders are refusing loans, dating sites are turning down conservatives, and it’s picking up speed because our spineless politicians are letting it happen. If you want a FIGHTER, then you want Loomer. It doesn’t matter where you live in the U.S. because this is an issue that affects every American. Loomer has been praised by everyone who wants to fight the swamp from Hannity, Malkin, Judge Jeanine, Limbaugh, and many, many more. A couple of videos below.

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    • Densil Allen

    • 9 months ago

    Loved the article, should write another article about how most of this crap happening at FOX and in Congress is really Paul Ryans doing…if would have stepped down and and worked to save some seats, we may have kept the house.. control of the Senate is mostly bc of Trump… but he can’t do everything..

    1. Thanks.

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