Sidney Powell, General Flynn’s attorney, made the announcement on her website today.

General Flynn filed two bombshell motions today: one further supporting his request to withdraw his plea, and the other seeking to dismiss his case for egregious government misconduct. Read the motions below:

Here are the Full court filings:

Completed ECF 160 (with Attachments)

Doc. 162 Flynn Motion to Dismiss for Egregious Government Misconduct and in the Interest of Justice

The Daily Caller Reported:

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn on Wednesday denied lying to the FBI during a Jan. 24, 2017, White House meeting, and said he regrets pleading guilty in the special counsel’s probe.

“I am innocent of this crime, and I request to withdraw my guilty plea,” Flynn said in a declaration submitted Wednesday in his case…

…In Wednesday’s declaration, the first that Flynn himself has submitted in his case, he denied lying to the FBI during the White House meeting, which was set up by then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

“When FBI agents came to the White House on January 24, 2017, I did not lie to them. I believed I was honest with them to the best of my recollection at the time,” Flynn said.

“I still don’t remember if I discussed sanctions on a phone call with Ambassador Kislyak nor do I remember if we discussed the details of a UN vote on Israel.”

Flynn describes in the declaration that he ultimately pleaded guilty in his case after the special counsel’s team began a “sudden and intense” pressure campaign in November 2017 to force him to accept a plea deal.

Flynn said his attorneys at the time told him he could be facing up to 15 years in prison if he did not cooperate. He also said prosecutors were threatening to bring charges against his son, Michael Flynn Jr., on charges related to their work in 2016 for a Turkish businessman linked to the Turkish government.


I have been on Twitter for two years now and have watched the Flynn family and General Flynn. What I can say is that the entire family is a class act. I was also in a room with Sidney Powell before she was hired by General Flynn. I am currently in rooms with the Flynns. What I can say is next to the President’s bogus impeachment this is the biggest fraud perpetrated against a hero who dedicated 33 years of his life to this country. We were all thrilled when General Flynn hired attorney Sidney Powell because she’s one of the smartest and toughest defense lawyers out there. General Flynn deserves nothing less than to be cleared. What’s so scary is that Elizabeth Warren has said that if she’s elected, she would prosecute every member of the Trump staff and family. That’s downright scary. Our country is one small step from falling off the cliff into communism if the American people and our politicians don’t stand up. Joe Biden is caught on video admitting quid pro quo to get his son a lucrative job with Ukraine even though he was just booted from the Navy for being a drug addict. Hillary Clinton made $150 million selling U.S. uranium to the Russians plus she erased those pesky 33,000 emails. James Comey, Strzok, Page, Brennan, Clapper and on and on the list reads with Democrats planning a coup to take down a President.

We need fighters in Congress. We need them in the press,too. Jewish investigative journalist has taken on corruption and jihadists. She got deplatformed and shunned by RINO’s and the MSM, but she kept on. She didn’t let it deter her. She’s fighting back and running for Congress in President Trump’s home district. She’s endorsed by Judge Jeanine, Michelle Malkin, Brandon Straka, and the Limbaugh team because she’s willing to take on The Swamp regardless of the consequences. Loomer will be the right’s AOC, so it’s important if you want a fighter to support her Congressional run with whatever you can afford. Small donations are helpful as they all add up.

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