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It’s happened again…an illegal turned loose. It’s inconceivable why Philadelphia police didn’t comply with an immigration detainer.

I.C.E. arrested an illegal immigrant twice arrested for sex crimes against children- after Philadelphia Police set him loose on the streets, in defiance of an immigration detainer request from the federal agency on Wednesday.

Hector Moran-Espinoza was arrested in both April and May by the Philadelphia PD for a litany of accusations of sex abuse against children. Will the third arrest keep him behind bars?  He’s been accused of statuary sexual assault, corrupting a minor, and indecent assault of a person under 13 years of age.

Moran-Espinoza is a Guatemalan national who ICE describes as unlawfully present in the country.

Laura Loomer paid a visit to Nancy Pelosi’s home last January to bring attention to the double standard Democrats on illegal immigration.

ICE filed an immigration detainer request with the Philadelphia Police while the suspected sex offender was in custody, hoping to put the perp in deportation proceedings as soon as possible. But the Philadelphia Police simply let him walk free from the local jail. Fortunately, ICE was able to take him into custody the same day.

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It’s unclear why Moran-Espinoza didn’t face criminal charges from local prosecutors. It’s likely that it was known he’d be quickly deported from the country by ICE, providing an alternative to sending him prison- but Philadelphia law enforcement behaved in a shameful manner in setting him loose onto the streets, where he could’ve harmed more children before being taken into ICE custody.

Philadelphia’s city government’s staunch opposition to any form of cooperation appears to have played a crucial role in preventing them from delivering the pedo into ICE custody. A city spokesperson claims that the “White House has tried to coerce cities like Philadelphia into going beyond federal law. That is where we draw the line in terms of cooperation.”

The patriots tasked with enforcing American immigration law see things differently, and an ICE spokeswoman slammed the City of Philadelphia’s fecklessness in a statement the agency released on the matter.


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