First exposed by Jewish independent journalist, Laura Loomer, this Congresswoman has gone on to be the talk of the town. No Congressional member has ever had so many allegations of criminal wrongdoing hanging over their head, but the D.C. double-standard has so far held true for Omar.

Laura Loomer on the other hand got deplatformed for exposing her anti-semitism and pro Sharia beliefs. Laura Loomer is now taking this fight to Congress as she’s running for Congress in the 21st District of Florida.
  • Ilhan Omar, 38, is officially divorced from her husband Ahmed Hirsi
  • They were married in 2002 but split in 2008. Omar then married British-born Ahmed Elmi in 2009 and divorced in 2017. Omar and Hirsi remarried in 2018 
  • The Minnesota congresswoman filed for divorce in early October, months after it was revealed she was having an affair with married aide Tim Mynett
  • Mynett’s own wife filed for divorce from him in August, claiming he had professed his love of Omar to her
  • Now, two weeks after being photographed Mynett having weekly sleepovers at Omar’s Washington D.C. apartment, her divorce was granted
  • The former couple will share joint custody of their three children, who will attend school in Washington D.C.

Ilhan Omar is officially divorced from her husband, just weeks after she was revealed to be living a double life in Washington D.C. with her married aide, according to court documents.

The Minnesota Congresswoman filed for divorce from Ahmed Hirsi in early October,  around three months after reported she had split from the father of her three children and had moved into a penthouse apartment in Minneapolis. 

In the following months, Laura Loomer revealed Omar’s affair with her married aide Tim Mynett, whose own wife Beth filed for divorce from him in August, claiming he had professed his love for Omar to her.  

Now, two weeks after being photographed with Mynett and having weekly sleepovers at Omar’s DC apartment, her divorce was granted,


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