An Illinois State Senator held a fundraiser featuring a man pointing an automatic weapon at the head of President Donald J. Trump.

The Mock Trump Assassination Party

“A series of pictures posted online after a Friday night political fundraising event for state Senator Martin Sandoval (D-Chicago) show an event attendee pointing what appears to be a fake assault weapon at another person wearing a Mexican costume and a mask of President Donald Trump,” according to WCIA’s Mark Maxwell.

Maxwell Tweeted photos from the event:

A political fundraiser for @SenatorSandoval simulates an assassination attempt against a mock @realDonaldTrump decked out in Mexican garb. Looks like a man pointed a fake assault weapon at the fake President to pose for a picture.

Laura Loomer announced a run for Congress last year in President Trump’s new home district. President Trump retweeted a tweet of mine on 12/28/19 in support of Loomer for Congress. She’s also been endorses by several high profile individuals such as Judge Jeanine and Michelle Malkin for her ‘buck the establishment’ attitude.

Laura Loomer is Running for Congress in President Trump’s Home District-Why She’s Worth Supporting No Matter Where You Live in the U.S.-When I say Support, I Mean Give Just $10 Because It Truly All Adds Up

-She’s the anti-AOC. Republicans NEED someone who will stand up to The Squad which is driving impeachment, anti Judeo-Christian agenda, and a full blown Communism agenda from the Democrats.

-As Judge Jeanine said when endorsing her, “Laura Loomer stands up for what’s right regardless of the consequences.”  This is VERY important because the reason Republicans and the MSM (even Fox) won’t stand up to certain issues is because they’re ‘afraid’ of the backlash. Advertisers dropping them & big money RINO donors dropping them are real consequences of standing up for what’s right.

-You might say, “We’ve heard that before, and they get into Congress and become part of ‘The Swamp.’  You’re right in general. That does happen. Why do I think Laura Loomer is different?  Because she’s already shown by ‘ACTIONS’ not empty words, that her word means something. She’s been deplatformed from social media, Uber, Uber eats, Lyft, Chase temporarily closed down her bank account, PayPal, Venmo, and many, many more sites for confronting crooked politicians and jihadists and calling them out.

-Many people say, “There’s no way AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashaida Tlaib will get re-elected, but I say you’re wrong. They’re in demographically favorable districts to them.  You might say, “Omar and Tlaib have broken many laws and will be arrested.” Again how long have we been saying Clinton, Comey, and the Deep State are still free. Who in Congress is screaming from the rooftops to arrest them? I’ll tell you, NO ONE.  IF YOU WANT SOMEONE WHO IS LIKE PRESIDENT TRUMP & WILL NOT BE COWTOWED BY THE PC POLICE, THEN YOU WANT LAURA LOOMER FOR CONGRESS-HANDS DOWN-NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE.

–She’s going to FIGHT FOR free speech, for our 2A rights, she’s pro-life, pro-capitalism, pro-military, pro-Israel- pro-Judeo-Christian values, pro secure border (not in any order of importance), and most of all she’s pro- MAGA.

-Another high profile anti-DEEP STATE personality who has endorsed Laura Loomer for Congress. Malkin is sick and tired of the swamp rats and knows Loomer is going to head into Congress with a rocket launcher aimed at The Deep State.


Maxwell Tweeted photos from the event:

The fundraiser was an expensive one, costing a minimum of $250 per person, and was held at Klein Creek Golf Club, a country club in the Chicago suburbs. Chicago’s own elected officials don’t even want to spend time in their city. An attendee posted the photos to her Facebook page – apparently thinking that the mock assassination was just swell – and tagged Sandoval in the photos. Just like that, Sandoval was busted.

The incident caused fury among local Republican leaders, and was even condemned by leftist Gov. J.B. Pritzker, who of course spun the narrative to fit his political agenda.

“As our nation grapples with the epidemic of gun violence, purposely pointing a fake gun at anyone is insensitive and wrong,” Pritzker said Saturday. “I condemn actions like the ones displayed in the pictures because they lack the civility our politics demands.”

After the governor’s comments Sandoval, described as a “powerful state lawmaker,” issued a half-hearted apology.

“The incident that took place is unacceptable,” he reportedly said. “I don’t condone violence toward the President or anyone else. I apologize that something like this happened at my event.”

Laura Loomer is running for Congress in the 21st District of Florida


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