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Authorities in Washington state have determined that a robbery at a local restaurant was actually a hoax concocted by immigrants hoping to qualify for special visas and avoid deportation.

Two men reportedly robbed a restaurant in SeaTac, Washington, at gunpoint on the night of Oct. 19. The robbers allegedly tied up a the restaurant manager and six customers inside and went on to steal money, jewelry and other items inside the establishment, The Seattle Times reported. It was also reported that the assailants sexually assaulted two women during the robbery.

Two Samoan males, who later fled the scene in one of the victim’s trucks, carried out the robbery, according to initial testimony.

“It’s a dangerous style robbery,” Sgt. Ryan Abbott of the King County Sheriff’s Office said in October after the alleged attack. “And thankfully again, no one was hurt. And now it’s just a matter of trying to determine who these suspects are and catching them.”

Authorities revealed Monday who they believe were behind the robbery: Everyone at the restaurant. The King County Sheriff’s Office said they believe 10 people staged the robbery in order to obtain U visas.

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