The former Twitter employees that were charged with espionage accessed Twitter accounts to spy on behalf of Saudi Arabia, along with a third Saudi citizen that acted as their intermediary with the Saudi government.

Ahmad Abouammo – U.S. Citizen

Ahmad Abouammo, a U.S. citizen who is being charged with espionage on behalf of another nation, has a Twitter account with over 135,000 followers.

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According to his LinkedIN, he is currently enrolled at Harvard in a graduate degree program.

He was a student at the University of Washington where he networked and enjoyed the benefits of the Saudi Study Abroad program that Saudi Arabia has, in partnership with the University of Washington and other universities around the nation.

Even though Abouammo is an American citizen, he spent the majority of his childhood and early adulthood in Saudi Arabia. His first job out of school in Saudi Arabia was working on social media strategy, online advertising, and paid media placements for Al Rajhi Bank.

While attending school in Seattle, Washington, he worked at the Microsoft Campus for three years. We reached out to someone he used to work with at Microsoft to ask them what they thought of Abouammo.

The guy was working in a position that was beneath him. He knew how to code, he knew how to access things he shouldn’t have. He always played dumb. He understood relay nodes because I saw him parse one out. I brought that up to management as I found it suspicious that he had access to servers and information that was proprietary, and they kind of looked at me like I was being racist. Shortly after my complaint, he “left the company” for a job in Washington D.C. I think he was fired. I do systems security I know red flags when I see them.Co-Worker at Microsoft

Abouammo worked as the Director of Digital Engagement & Marketing, penetrating the highest levels and circles of social media giants as the Middle East dumped cash to gain clout and traction. Twitter offering him a job was the next step, since he had driven so much business to them when Twitter was just getting off the launchpad in content sharing. Saudi Arabians invested heavily in Twitter and Square, making massive investments that Abouammo was always indirectly connected to.

His good sales skills, connections, and close ties with big pockets in Saudi Arabia landed him the position of Head of Media Partnerships for the Middle East and North Africa. He and Jack Dorsey had close ties due to the immense amount of cash that was flowing in the form of investments for the company, paid advertising, and “partnerships” such as advertising the use and content of the Media Networks on Twitter. His job was also to help Twitter “localize” their brand in those nations.

It was during that time that Abouammo and other employees still at Twitter conspired to access personal Twitter accounts of individuals of interest. Some of these Twitter employees are not being investigated, still under investigation, and or undergoing grand jury deliberations.

Once Abouammo left Twitter he began “freelancing” for various companies back in Seattle and working with Amazon. His freelance work included organizing localized pitches to the Middle East on behalf of Amazon’s Washington Post aka Al-Jazeera. In 2018, he decided to create his own digital consulting company, which was the REASON he was fired from Twitter.

In early 2015, Abouammo created a company that was to compete with SQUARE. Our sources (has not been confirmed) tell us that Abouammo had stolen propitiatory software belonging to Square as well.

It turns out Cyrcl was a confidential project until late 2018, when Abouammo made it more public after obtaining funding from investors and it began a beta phase in the Middle East.

Jack Dorsey on Financial Services Innovation |

Abouammo seemed to be close to Jack Dorsey, and after leaving Twitter continued to contact fellow employees to look up information and or take down accounts at the request of foreign governments.

The Intermediary – Ahmed Almutairi – Saudi National

The three individuals charged with espionage were discovered to be linked through a non-profit. Ahmed Almutairi, a Saudi national, was also charged for acting as an intermediary between the Twitter employees and the Saudi government according to the Justice Department. He is in Saudi Arabia and our sources tell us that Almutairi and Abouammo met through the Saudi Arabian network of Saudi Students in Seattle when Almutairi was in the United States attending Eastern Washington University.

It was the Washington Post that broke the story. The U.S. citizen Abouammo was arrested today, Tuesday, November 6, 2019 in Seattle, while the other two remain at large.

Ali Alzabarah

Ali Alzabarah, a foreign national that worked for Twitter, joined the company in 2013 and worked his way up the ranks to which he had access to Personal Identifying Digital information like telephone numbers, addresses, and IP addresses. It was intelligence officials that alerted Twitter to Ali Alzabarah, warning Dorsey and crew that he was being groomed and that he was linked to radicals and critics of the Saudi government.

Twitter actually conducted an internal investigation claiming that no evidence was found that Ali Alzabarah shared sensitive data. It’s important to note that Ali Alzabarah was put on leave days after intelligence approached Twitter and Abouammo (U.S. citizen) was fired around the same time frame. Ali Alzabarah, a Saudi citizen, has been accused of accessing the personal information of more than 6,000 Twitter accounts in 2015 on behalf of Saudi Arabia.

When the story about Alzabarah quietly broke last year, a spokesperson for Twitter said:

The company limits access to sensitive account information to a limited group of trained and vetted employees.

Twitter spokesperson

A little over a month ago, Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) demanded that Twitter suspend the President of the United States from their platform. CAIR claimed his rhetoric is “Islamophobic” and that he targets Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar for her anti-Semitic and anti-American comments.

CAIR Washington@cair_wa

THIS IS NO OK. Tell Twitter (@Twitter) to remove Trump’s #antiMuslim tweet and suspend his account! #Harassment #Islamophobia #FakeNews @TwitterSupport …CAIR calls on Twitter to suspend President Trump for sharing false claim about U. S. Rep. Ilhan OmarThe Council on American-Islamic Relations is calling on Twitter to suspend President Donald Trump’s account for violating its terms of service when he retweeted a video that falsely depicted U.S…

Image result for ilhan omar

CAIR calls on Twitter to suspend President Trump for sharing false claim about U. S. Rep. Ilhan Omar

Laura Loomer filed a lawsuit against CAIR and Twitter after being banned off the platform. The Twitter ban of Loomer came after the activist called Ilhan Omar “anti-Jewish”, a fact that has since been established and recognized by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and many other prominent political leaders as previously reported.

Her claim has merit, as through the Justice Department review and investigation they found that even the former employees charged with spying called in “requests” for people to be banned and or removed from the platform. Considering the immense Qatari investments in Twitter and Square, it is evident that the ISLAMIST lobbying firms determine what is considered “free speech” and who is allowed to have access.

It is becoming more and more obvious that the jihad movement has infiltrated our social media and has lined the pockets of Big Tech to reinforce their message and silence anyone who speaks up against them.


It was reported in the Wall Street Journal, Loomer’s ban came at the instigation of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and was carried out shortly after CAIR’s meeting with Twitter executives.

It’s incredible to think that the two Twitter employees may have been spying with “implied” consent. Jack Dorsey hires foreign employees – mostly from nations that invest in his companies. Could he be allowing spies to work at Twitter (without leaving a footprint) in exchange for investments That is very plausible considering the financial troubles Dorsey companies are having lately, especially by terminating political ads that are millions of dollars worth of revenue streams.



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