Laura Loomer is the most censored woman in America because of exposing corruption, jihadists, and ommunists. She’s now running for Congress with support of President Trump. She’s endorsed by Judge Jeanine, Chuck Woolery, Micelle Malkin. the Rush Limbaugh team, Roseanne Barr, Roger Stone, Brandon Straka, and Juanita Broderick to name a few.

If you like high-octane thrillers, The Switch Featuring Laura Loomer (as herself) pairs up with FBI Agent Maria Quintana to track down a narco sicaria (Mexican female assassin) after her brazen atttack on Santa Fe, New Mexico. This tale takes you from Santa Fe, New Mexico into the narco cartel capital of the world in Culiacan, Mexico and winds up in an explosive battle in the jungles of the Amazon region of Peru. The Switch is a fictional story with an eerily similar plot to current events involving the pairing up of Mexican cartels with jihadists, a corrupt FBI, and the communist influence of both the cartels and the jihadists. (The German Shepherds used in here I had help from my friend, a Tier One Military Dog Trainer, who trained the dog used in the Bin Laden Raid, Alex Dunbar of CQB K9. Soon to be featured on Fox Nations Hero Dog series.)We’re offering a .99 cent special on the e-book, if you order it here and pay through the PayPal link. I will email it to you within 24 hours of receiving payment. I’m offering this direct because I know many don’t care for Amazon, but you can get it from Amazon. Link below. I hope you enjoy the book. It’s been well received except from leftists who called it a racist book by 2 racists. Surprise, surprise. Jared Holt, George Conway, the SPLC, The Daily Dot, and many more blue check leftists dutifully attacked it.

The book was inspired from my travels into the Amazon when local Chinese Maoist communist narco guerillas nearly overthrew the government. Much of what happened is similar to the forces trying to take our country down currently.

You can also order the e-book on Amazon for $2.99 and the print version at Amazon or Branes and Noble. or for both e-book and print

For those not familiar with some of the high name recognition she’s received, here is a short video of Rush Limbaugh praising her.


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