Laura Loomer, Jewish investigative journalist, attended a Congressional event and asked Ilhan Omar “Ilhan, why did you marry your brother?” to which she got no response. Ever persistent, Loomer said to the crowd “Both of these candidates have been endorsed by CAIR (American branch of The Muslim Brotherhood), a terrorist organization…She needs to decide if she’s an American or a Muslim first.”

Loomer then questioned Tlaib “Are you willing to admit…that Hamas is a terrorist organization?” Tlaib responded by violently grabbing Loomer’s phone. Loomer was surrounded by members of CAIR and feared for her safety. The incident was filmed.

Loomer and Freedom Watch filed a $2 million lawsuit against Tlaib in September. The case is currently awaiting a court date.

Loomer tweeted the following day after the event with Omar and Tlaib “I am the granddaughter of a Jewish man who was arrested by Nazis in Germany. I refuse to be silenced & sit back & allow for @IlhanMN and @RashidaTlaib to spew Jew hatred. They are anti-American and anti-Jewish.”
Loomer was later suspended from Twitter for stating that Ilhan Omar practiced Sharia Law. Later, Facebook and Instagram also deplatformed her and labeled her “dangerous.” Apparently, in these overly PC times, telling the truth is dangerous and gets you labeled as a right wing fanatic and Nazi.

Loomer is regularly harassed by the left wing media for being an “Islamaphobe,” but her groundbreaking reporting has been proven correct. Ilhan Omar has made such inflammatory statements as “Some people did something” in regards to the 9/11 attacks. On Twitter she also posted “I am America’s hope and the President’s nightmare. I think all white men should be put in chains as slaves because they will never submit to Islam.”

Rashida Tlaib has called President Trump a mother******. Now she’s selling T-Shirts saying “Impeach the MF” with an upside version of the flag showing disrespect to the United States.

Laura Loomer was praised in Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Bestselling Book Radicals, Resistance, and Revenge: The Left’s Plot to Remake America promoted by President Trump on his Twitter account.
“When Laura Loomer, a conservative activist who broadcasts her views primarily through Twitter, criticized Representative Ilhan Omar for being ‘anti-Jewish,’ she was banned from Twitter for hate speech,” Pirro wrote. “Loomer is an extremely bright, quick-witted millennial, who tears into anything she sees as un-American or anti-Semitic, consequences be damned. Having been banned from social media, she is suing Twitter, Facebook, and Google.”

This is why Laura Loomer is running for Congress in the 21st District of Florida. She believes in free speech and wants to preserve our Judeo-Christian way of life. To check out her Congressional site, visit

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