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A little known fact is that Muslims practice ‘aza’im. Exorcism. Exorcism in Islam is called ‘aza’im IPA: [‘aza’im]).[1] Ruqya (Arabic: رقية‎ IPA: [ruqya]) on the other hand summons jinn and demons by invoking the names of God, and to command them to abandon their mischiefs[2] and is thought to repair damage believed caused by jinn possession, witchcraft (shir) or the evil eye.[citation needed] Exorcisms today are part of a wider body of contemporary Islamic alternative medicine[3] called “prophetic medicine“.

I’m not saying that Grafton Thomas’ motive was to perform an exorcism on Rabbi Rottenberg, but there are a variety of forms that mental illness takes and performing exorcisms is part of the Islamic alternative medicine practiced today.

A 2017 study conducted by the Combating Terrorism Centre (which was set up to understand terrorism after the September 11 attacks), analysed media reports of attackers who allegedly had a mental illness.

It found that out of 55 attacks in the West, where 76 individuals involved were possibly influenced by Islamic State, 27.6% had a history of psychological instability. This matches statistics for the general population.

With teachings from the Koran such as these it’s not a leap to think that susceptible individuals can easily be swayed. [2.88] And they say: Our hearts are covered. Nay, Allah has cursed them on account of their unbelief; so little it is that they believe.

[2.98] Whoever is the enemy of Allah and His angels and His apostles and Jibreel and Meekaeel, so surely Allah is the enemy of the unbelievers.

They are under Allah’s curse (9:30), and Muslims should wage war against them and subjugate them under Islamic hegemony (9:29).

But investigations for the police are difficult. Racism. Islamaphobe. The tried and true mantra from the progressive left is ingrained in them since they entered our public school system at five years old. How can an effective investigation ever be done under these conditions? The family insists Grafton E.Thomas is ‘mentally ill.’ Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. Maybe he’s just evil. Maybe we’ll never get the truth because of our PC society.

 Latest Updates On Monsey Attack [Updated 6:35PM],” Yeshiva World, December 29, 2019 (thanks to the Geller Report):

RECAP [sic]: A machete-wielding man stormed into the Monsey home of the Kossoner Rebbe (Rabbi Rottenberg) and stabbed five people as they celebrated Chanukah, an ambush the governor said Sunday was an act of domestic terrorism fueled by intolerance and a “cancer” of growing hatred in America.

Police tracked a fleeing suspect to Manhattan and made an arrest within hours of the attack Saturday night in Monsey. Grafton E. Thomas had blood all over his clothing and smelled of bleach when officers stopped him, prosecutors said.

Thomas, 37, was arraigned Sunday and pleaded not guilty to five counts of attempted murder and one count of burglary. Bail was set at $5 million and he remains jailed.

UPDATE 6:35PM: The suspect sccused [sic] of going on a stabbing rampage in Monsey is “not a terrorist” – he’s just “mentally ill”. This is according to family which spoke to  the NY Post.

Grafton Thimas [sic]- is “not a violent person,” according to his pastor of 10 years, Reverend Wendy Paige of the Hudson Highlands Cooperative Parish.

“Grafton is not a terrorist, he is a man who has mental illness in America and the systems that be have not served him well,” Paige said.

“I have been his pastor for a long time and I have seen him, he is not a violent person, he is a confused person.”

–@YWN via NY PostNY Post
UPDATE 3:45PM: Authorities are investigating whether Grafton Thomas, the man charged in a machete attack in Monsey last night, is tied to the recent brutal assault and stabbing in Monsey that has been unsolved. In that stabbing, a 29-year-old Mordechai Schlesinger was stabbed as he walked to Shul early one morning….
UPDATE 1:30PM: A highly credible law-enforcement source tells YWN that the Monsey stabbing attack suspect ,Thomas E. Grafton, is a RECENT MUSLIM CONVERT….

But this is what the police found in his journals.

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Enrique Tarrio, leader of The Proud Boys, is also a friend and character in the book who is also running for Congress.
CQB K9, out of San Luis, Colorado, is a tier one military trainer who trained the Belgian Malinois used by Seal Team 6 on the Bin Laden Raid. He’s a friend who helped me with training tips for the dogs in the story.

Thomas’ journals include anti-Semitic sentiments. The FBI found references to Adolf Hitler and “Nazi culture” on the same page that included the star of David and a swastika, according to the criminal complaint filed on Monday.

Investigators also searched Thomas’ phone and found an Internet history that included such searches as “Why did Hitler hate Jews,” “German Jewish Temples near me,” “Zionist Temples in Elizabeth, NJ” and “Zionist Temples in Staten Island.” He also searched for “Prominent companies founded by Jews in America,” the complaint states.

According to Psychology Today, “Extreme Hate is not a Form of Mental Illness.”

There are lots of angry and embittered people in the world who have it out for others. They get fired from jobs, fight with their partners, perpetrate road rage, harbor grudges, and plot revenge. We certainly wouldn’t describe them as psychologically healthy, but, like the couch-dweller, they don’t necessarily have a diagnosable illness. And unless they are motivated to make a lot of changes in their own lives, they are very difficult for mental health professionals to treat.

These entitled, rage-filled people can be extremely dangerous. Imagine what happens when you take someone with those personality traits and immerse them in an online culture that provides validation and fuel for their hatred, and steers it towards a specific target: African-Americans, women, immigrants, Jews. Throw in access to assault weapons, and you have a uniquely American tragedy waiting to happen.

Another high profile case was the jihadist training center in northern New Mexico. The story made international headlines. This is a case that highlights our illegal immigration problem and some of the people entering this country.

How a love born in Brooklyn devolved into a bizarre religious cult in the New Mexican desert

Leveille the woman who murdered the child through an exorcism) immigrated to Brooklyn in 1998 with her older brother, Von-Chelet Leveille, a year after the siblings’ father passed away.

“Life was perfect until our father returned to Allah,” her brother, 37, told the Daily News from his home in Port-au-Prince. “But it was difficult, nearly impossible to live there (in the United States) with no green card or citizenship.”

An aerial view of a makeshift compound is seen in the desert area of Amalia, N.M., on Aug. 10.

Rumors of black magic clouded the couple. At various times, Leveille accused Wahhaj’s family of cursing her; his family accused her of putting Wahhaj under a spell.

According to the Daily News- “He said he was waking up feeling like a force was pushing him down,” Abdur-Rashid said.

“Every Muslim believes in black magic,” Von-Chelet Leveille countered. “But none of us practiced black magic. Never did and never will. I hate black magic with a passion. So does my sister.”

Leveille did practice ruqya — Islamic rituals meant to ward off evil spirits — but that was different from black magic, her brother clarified.

By 2014, Abdur-Rashid says that Wahhaj seemed to have completely fallen under her spell.

“He started acting very strange,” Abdur-Rashid said. “He believed she was something that he never used to believe, that she was receiving revelations from God.”

In August of that year, Ramzi gave birth to her only child, Abdul-Ghani. The boy was born with a disease called hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, or HIE, due to lack of oxygen during labor.

“At the beginning he had difficulty breathing. He couldn’t walk, he couldn’t talk,” Ramzi said. “He would have seizures once a month, twice a month when he was a baby.”

Federal prosecutors claim Wahhaj and Leveille abducted the boy because Leveille had suffered a miscarriage and believed Ramzi used “black magic” that resulted in Jany’s baby being transferred from Jany into (Ramzi’s) womb,” according to court papers.

“In Islam, having seizures can also be viewed as being possessed by spirits,” he said. “We stayed in contact for the entire nine months. I am one hundred percent sure they tried to heal him (Abdul-Ghani).”

Investigators found Leveille’s digital journal in the New Mexico raid that revealed that the boy died without his medication on Dec. 24 — less than a month after the family left Georgia.

A simple case to prosecute you might say, she was caught redhanded with the body and the compound filled with illegal firearms…Not so fast. This is liberal country. You guessed it. The judge in liberal Taos County, New Mexico let them all go_freed on their own recognizance. The Feds had to come in and arrest them.

Will mental illness be the defense in both of these cases? We will find out soon enough.

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