Both candidates are my friends, so this is personal to me to watch this. Both individuals are running for one reason, NOT for fame, but because they want to do something to make this country a better place.

Laura Loomer is a Jewish investigative journalist. Enrique Tarrio is an entrepreneur who listened to stories of his grandfather coming to America from Cuba to escape communism.

They both see the jihadists aligning with the communists in this country to evaporate our freedoms. This is why Big Tech is silencing them…silencing us.

Don’t let this happen. Support them no matter where you live. and

Do you love Laura Loomer and want to get to know more about Enrique Tarrio? Just released The Switch-Featuring Laura Loomer also casts Enrique Tarrio in the story to aid Laura Loomer and FBI Agent Quintana as they investigate a Mexican cartel/jihadist alliance. Because they can’t trust the FBI elite, and social media is silencing Laura, they enlist the help of friend Enrique Tarrio of The Proud Boys.
Laura Loomer is running in District 21 of Florida_the permanent residence of President Trump.
Enrique Tarrio (in black with the bullhorn) is running for Congress in District 27 of Florida against Democrat Donna Shalala. This picture is from Portland as they marched to bring awareness to Antifa and the violence done against, journalist, Andy Ngo.


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