President Trump lost the State of Minnesota by 45,000 votes. Omar is a controversial freshman member of Congress and part of “The Squad.” Omar frequently spews anti-semitic comments and drew outrage from independents and Republicans when she made the reprehensible comment “Some people did something” about the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States.

Laura Loomer, a Jewish investigative journalist, now running for Congress in the 21st District of Florida was the first reporter to expose Ilhan Omar. She called her out on her support for Sharia Law and was de-platformed for it. Twitter removed her for “hateful rhetoric” even though everything Loomer reported was factual and not hateful rhetoric. Facebook and Instagram later followed in the footsteps of Twitter and de-platformed her as well. They took it one step further and labeled her as “dangerous.” They then posted a statement declaring that it was okay for any of their 2 billion users to harm any individuals they deemed “dangerous.” Loomer filed a $3 billion lawsuit against Facebook.

Loomer’s investigation of Omar turned up several disturbing facts. She filed joint tax returns with her future husband, Hirsi, when she was legally married to Elmi. 

In 2002, Omar religiously married Ahmed Hirsi, but it wasn’t a legal marriage. They had two children and had a religious divorce in 2008. In 2009, Omar married Ahmed Said Elmi both religiously and legally.

In 2011, Omar and Elmi divorced religiously, but not legally. In 2012, Omar and Hirsi reconciled and had a third child. In 2017, Omar legally divorced Elmi, and married Hirsi in 2018. Elmi is Omar’s brother.

If you’re wondering who is on first base, you’re not alone. 

Omar has now filed for divorce from her non-brother husband, Hirsi, because Omar had an affair with a married DC political consultant, Tim Mynett.

Allegations that Omar committed perjury to divorce him is one aspect being looked into. It’s immigration fraud, and it’s loan fraud if their phony marriage helped him obtain federally-backed student loans. 

Because of the PC Culture that permeates Congress, no one is willing to stand up and demand she be formally investigated. Laura Loomer is running for Congress, because this attitude disgusts her, and has vowed not to be silenced if elected.

Because of her condescending attitude towards the country that took her in and gave her every advantage allowing her to become a Congresswoman, her poll numbers sit at 8 percent. This is why President Trump sees the ability to turn the state red in 2020, and he’s holding his first MAGA campaign rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The rally will be held in the Democrat stronghold, at the Target Center, as President Trump aims to flip the state red for the first time since 1972 when President Richard Nixon won the state. 

Come out and support our President and please support Laura Loomer for Congress as well.

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