In NBC’s typical fashion of trying to cover for the governor they all voted for, you’d have to look hard to find this story. This IS NOT a Republican accusing the governor of sexual assault, but a Democrat staffer who worked for her.

But SHOCKER ALERT, guess what story is front and center? “Republican make off color remark” and this is several weeks old but still front and center politically…NOT Gov. Lujan being accused of sexual assault.

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.— The governor’s office responded to a former campaign staffer’s accusation that Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham sexually assaulted him.

James Hallinan was Gov. Lujan Grisham’s campaign spokeman and a long-term Democratic operative.

In an unexpected Christmas Eve tweet, Hallinan said Gov. Lujan Grisham sexually and physically abused employees including himself.

Hallinan shared screenshots of messages with KOB 4 that he sent to senior members of the governor’s staff:

Former campaign staffer accuses Gov. Lujan Grisham of abuse, Gov.'s office denies claim

“Hey All, I’ve been really struggling from the trauma for the last year since MLG sexually assaulted me at my first senior staff meeting on the campaign last year at Representative Deb Armstrong’s home. The water bottle she poured on my penis and testicles and then her slap of my penis and testicles while laughing and demeaning me in front of the senior staff has really [expletive] me up and has scarred me horrifically and was a sexual assault. Attorney General Balderas, LG Morales and Auditor Colón are all fully briefed.”

Hallinan added that he is meeting with a detective next week.

The governor’s office sent KOB 4 this statement regarding Hallinan’s accusation.

“These allegations of sexual assault are categorically false. No such incidents ever occurred and Hallinan’s statements are bizarre and slanderous. The governor has never and would never conduct herself in the manner described.

James Hallinan’s time on the campaign was marked by frequent and repeated incidents of inappropriate and unprofessional behavior. His behavior ensured that he was never considered for a position in the governor’s administration.”


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