I’m happy to be able to post a positive story in Ilhan Omar’s District. I don’t know this Congressional candidate, but after listening to the video, Pete Hegseth asked some great questions of her, that made me think she does love this country and the opportunities it afforded her. She also began to wear a cross in solidarity with Christians being murdered by ISIS in 2014. I think she’s the real deal.

Laura Loomer, Jewish journalist, tried warning Americans about Ilhan Omar. She was rewarded by being labeled an Islamaphobe, a right wing troll, and then deplatformed and shunned by news outlets such as Fox News. She’s been endorsed by Pete Hegseth and Judge Jeanine, but they aren’t allowed to have her on Fox News. Mark Levin told her two weeks ago that he was a huge fan, but the corporate machine at Fox is afraid to rock the boat.

I have been helping Laura Loomer raise funds because she’s one of two Congressional candidates banned from social media. The other is a mutual friend of both of ours, Enrique Tarrio, leader of The Proud Boys. Laura Loomer is running for Congress in President Trump’s home district, and he retweeted a tweet of mine in support of her on 12/28/19. She’s endorsed by popular rebels such as Judge Jeanine, Michelle Malkin, Brandon Straka, Roger Stone etc., but she’s running against a 4x encumbent and Pelosi’s best friend, Lois Frankel. It’s going to be a costly race because Pelosi can direct big Democrat Pacs to support Frankel.

We all hope Ilhan Omar is either arrested or defeated, but no one has stood up to Omar and Tlaib like Loomer. Since a double standard of justice is in play in this countr, I’m not holding my breath that Omar will face justice. Also the district she won in is heavily Democrat, so a Republican challenger has a steep hill to climb.

Please support Laura Loomer for Congress because the MACHINE is trying to silence her. She’s going to be a voice for all Patriots because she won’t let the fear of being called a racist deter her. We NEED someone with balls to go after injustices in Congress. You can donate to her any amount you can afford here. Small and large donations are welcome.

Do you LOVE Laura Loomer? If so, please support her by purchasing The Switch-Featuring Laura Loomer.  Laura’s proceeds from the book help fund her independent journalism.    Laura Loomer’s gutsy journalism  has earned her prominent followers in her quest to become Congresswoman of the 21st district of Florida_the permanent residence of President Trump. President Trump retweeted a tweet of mine on 12/28/19 in support of Loomer. For those who don’t know this, Loomer has been deplatformed everywhere for exposing Ilhan Omar’s Jew hatred. I have been her leading voice on social media promoting her. She’s been endorsed by Judge Jeanine, Michelle Malkin, Chuck Woolery, Terrence Williams, and many, many more because of her no holds barred attitude in getting to the truth.
“I’m Going to Destroy The Squad,” says Laura Loomer-Featured in This Ripped From The Headlines Explosive Thriller of “Good vs Evil.” If you love Laura Loomer’s guerilla style of journalism and her relentless pursuit of the truth, then you’ll love her in The Switch-Featuring Laura Loomer.     Laura’s proceeds from the book fund her independent journalism.
Enrique Tarrio, leader of The Proud Boys, is also a friend and character in the book who is also running for Congress.
CQB K9, out of San Luis, Colorado, is a tier one military trainer who trained the Belgian Malinois used by Seal Team 6 on the Bin Laden Raid. He’s a friend who helped me with training tips for the dogs in the story.
Laura Loomer spent a lot of time in Minnesota exposing Ilhan Omar before she got elected and then reporting on the lack of accomplishing anything for her constituents once she was elected.


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