The far left has gained control of the media, the educational system, and the culture in general, without any push back from those who are supposedly committed to the freedom of speech and a free society.

Conservatives never spoke up as well known journalists like Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulis, Gavin McInnes, and Alex Jones of Infowars got deplatformed.

Liberals were emboldened. They expanded their takedowns to anyone they disagreed with, namely conservatives.

Laura Loomer has become recognized internationally for her battle for free speech in the United States. Protesters in Hong Kong wave American flags and follow Laura Loomer while leftists in America burn the American flag and ridicule free speech. And very few Republican Congressional members do anything. They’re too busy being polite as the country is being sold out under us. Now some don’t like President Trump’s crude talk at times or his excessive use of Twitter, but he’s beginning to teach some Republicans that you better fight for this country or it will be gone. I for one agree with him. It’s time to fight for the soul of this country, so put on your big boy pants Republicans because it’s time to take down “The Evil Party.”

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