Follow Laura Loomer, investigative journalist, as she teams up w/ “Hero Dog, Lucky” & FBI Agent Maria Quintana to bring down the narco terrorist/jihadist partnership after attacking New Mexico.

Are you a fan of Laura Loomer? Do you appreciate her guerilla-style journalism, her passion for free speech, and relentless drive to uncover the truth? Then you HAVE to read, The Switch, an imaginative novel by Julie Reichwein, based on real life headlines of a partnership between the Mexican Drug Cartels, the Maoist group, The Shining Path, the New Mexico jihadists, and what might happen if Laura Loomer decided to make them her next target.
Get LOOMERED like never before as you follow the fast-paced Bond-style spy thriller featuring Laura as she teams up with FBI Agent Maria Quintana, Enrique Tarrio, and “Hero Dog, Lucky, in a tale of intrigue that never lets you take a breath until the final ending you never saw coming.
By purchasing, reading, and tweeting about this book, you are supporting Laura Loomer as part of the proceeds from the novel will be donated directly to her journalistic work.
This novel is in no way connected to, nor supports the campaign Laura Loomer for Congress.
This is fan fiction, and although thoroughly researched to be as accurate in the storyline as possible, it is still fiction.
Any questions, please email
This is the second novel by Julie Reichwein. Her debut novel was an Amazon #1 International Bestseller.
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