Solomon Rajput is running for Congress Michigan District 12

A new generation of Democrats are running on boycotting Israel, so expect the jihad caucus to expand this November. Israel and Jewish Americans are going to have major problems with the Democrat Party in the coming years. #Jexodus!

Laura Loomer was the first to warn us about Ilhan Omar and Rashaida Tlaib. She got deplatformed for exposing them as they were running for Congress.

Since no one in Congress has stood up to this or reached out to help Loomer, she’s decided to run for Congress. She announced last August and is running in President Trump’s home district. You can support her here.

Michigan Democratic Party candidate for House supports BDS, anti-Israel legislation

By JNS, January 21, 2019:

Solomon Rajput, 27, also supports a bill to mandate that U.S. military funding to Israel not be used for “detention, interrogation, abuse or ill-treatment of Palestinian children.”

A Democrat running in Michigan for the U.S. House of Representatives this year has expressed support for the BDS movement, in addition to a bill that would condition U.S. military assistance to Israel.

“The people of Palestine have to live in impoverished conditions where their access to food, water and electricity is limited. Innocent people die regularly because of needless bombings. This is not a matter of religion. This is a matter of human rights,” states the campaign website of Solomon Rajput, who is running for the Democratic nomination in the state’s 12th Congressional District, which is currently served by Democratic Rep. Debbie Dingell.

The site continues describing his positions, saying “Solomon supports a two-state solution because he believes that Israel and Palestine should both be able to govern themselves on their own land. Both the Israelis and Palestinians have a right to exist in stable environments, which a two-state solution would provide. Solomon supports all non-violent methods to pressure the Israeli government to respect the rights of Palestinians, including the BDS movement (Boycott, Divest, Sanctions).”

Muslim candidates are running all over the country. If you think any current member of Congress is going to stand up to this, then you live in la-la land. But why not, you might be saying to yourself. We elected them to represent us. The answer is simple. Racism. The Democrats scream this at the top of their lungs, and they continue this practice because it’s effective. It’s not just Congress who is afraid to speak up. It’s big corporations. The left intimidates advertisers. It’s not just product companies. It’s news corporations. It’s social media companies. It’s newpapers, magazines, and Hollywood. If you don’t want to be blackballed from life, then you must conform and not stand up. It’s working. Anchors like Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham, Pirro, Hegseth can talk in generalities about what’s happening, but the BIG BOSSES at FOX won’t let them bring on anyone who is at the forefront of this fight. Loomer was a frequent guest on Fox before she exposed Ilhan Omar. Now she’s taboo. She’s not allowed on because Fox fears the backlash from advertisers. Judge Jeanine was suspended for an opening statement on The Squad. After a heavy backlash from viewers, they reluctantly brought her back. Pirro has endorsed Loomer for Congress, but isn’t allowed to have her on her program if she wants to keep her job.

You might say, “How does this effect me? I’m not on social media much.” Let me tell you why it matters. Last week, a police officer in Bay Harbor, Florida was suspended for simply liking a political Facebook post on his wife’s Facebook page. The post criticized Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib for her association with terrorist groups. This is not an isolated incident. It’s just the latest big headline. I personally know dozens deplatformed from various sites. I personally just got suspended from Facebook for simply dropping a post with Loomer’s name on it. I have been on there for 10 years. I use Facebook for both personal and professional reasons. I keep up with friends who are scattered all around the world. What was my sin? Posting a petition for people to sign reinstating Laura Loomer. With social media comapnies spreading their wings and getting into a multitude of businesses, does this mean I can’t use banking, advertising, or whatever other businesses they’re involved in also? Well the answer is yes. I was also suspended from Instagram which I barely use. But maybe next week they buy Wells Fargo, and does that mean I can’t use their banking services? The answer is most likely, “Yes.” You see the scope of this problem. And it has a name. It’s called the Chinese Scoring System. These big multi national companies are moving us towards it because the Chinese market is so huge that they’re putting company profits over what is best for their own country. And very few are fighting back. Laura Loomer is the NUMBER ONE voice on this. She’s someone you need to support. Even if it’s only $10. It all adds up. This article started by talking about Muslims running for Congress. How does this tie into censorship. It’s simple. It’s called the red/green alliance. The Communists have partnered up with the radical jihadists to overtake this country under the radar. They already have control over the education system, the MSM, Hollywood, and now they’re coming after social media and Congress.

CAIR (Hamas) lobbied Twitter to deplatform Loomer after she said Ilhan Omar was anti-Jewish and pro Sharia. Then Facebook and Instagram also deplatformed her and labeled her as ‘dangerous.’ Chase Bank temporarily suspended her. PayPal, Venmo, GoFundMe, Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats, TeeSpring, Medium, and on and on piled on and dropped her. This is why she’s fighting back because a handful of tech billionaires are trying to control what the American people are allowed to see and think. If you want to help, then support Laura Loomer for Congress. ANy amount helps. Small donations add up. Ask Bernie Sanders who raises millions from small donations. Loomer is running in President Trump’s home distrcit. He retweeted a tweet of mine on 12/28/19 in support of Laura Loomer. Michelle Malkin and Judge Jeanine endorsed her because of her willingness to stand up to the swamp regardless of the consequences.

Meet Shahid Buttar, the man who would unseat Nancy Pelosi

Meet Shahid Buttar, the man who would unseat Nancy Pelosi

Shahid Buttar arrives for an interview at a corner cafe carrying a small stepladder. He will, hours later, be hanging art for the official launch of his campaign for Congress in 2020. But it’s a fitting allegory for a man with quite an obstacle to surmount.

Buttar, 44, isn’t just running for any old seat in Congress. He’s running a Democratic Party primary challenge for the seat held, for quite some time, by Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi. The Speaker of the House, the nation’s preeminent political tactician, a prodigious fund-raiser, and the lady who condescendingly golf-clapped at Donald Trump during the State of the Union address after humiliating him in a cringe-worthy televised exchange.

Fair enough. He thinks he can take her.

“We don’t have the indices yet to demonstrate the earthquake across our national body politic — a generational transition is happening,” says the Democratic Socialist. “Young people radicalized by the financial crisis of 2008 are not arrayed on any political map.” They are too far to the left to be registered, he holds. These are his people, and his potential voters.

“The political spectrum is sliding to the left. I am here to recapture the Democratic Party for labor and the left. Under the Clintons, with Pelosi, the party was co-opted by capital.”

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