On the one year anniversary of Laura Loomer being banned from Twitter, for posting a tweet that stated Ilhan Omar was anti-Jew pro Sharia, this is what Florida Politics writes about…The non-whistleblower “whistleblower,” that even my five dogs know his name by now, is apparently breaking news to this desperate rag paper.

Laura Loomer names alleged Ukraine whistleblower in email blast to supporters

The whistleblower submitted a complaint surrounding Trump’s call with the President of Ukraine.

Maybe a more appropriate story would have been the rise in attacks on Jews since Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and AOC took office.

In this speech, Ilhan Omar urged Muslims to raise hell on non-believers.

Since the 2018 elections of Omar, Tlaib, and AOC, the attacks on Jews have been on the rise.

Headlines like this are becoming more common.

Orthodox Jewish Man Walking to Synagogue Brutally Stabbed in New York Town

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Laura Loomer is running for Congress in the 21st District of Florida_the permanent residence of President Trump.



    • Steve Zolner

    • 11 months ago

    I stand with you. Our freedom of speech, Constitution and even our FREEDOM are all under attack. Freedon isn’t free, you have to fight for it, you have to win it, and then you must protect it, if you expect to remain FREE. My Father landed on UTAH beach on D-Day and went all the way to Berlin. Many of those who served with him paid the ultimate sacrifice to Free Europe from the Nazi menace. Now it is Our turn to protect our Freedoms. I served 20+ years in the Armed Services defending this country and if called to arms to defend it against any enemy, foreign or DOMESTIC, I will respond. If I should be killed defending this great country I have in the words of one of it’s greatest patriots ” Ï regret I have but one life to give for my country” but I assure you the enemy will lose a lot of lives trying to take me out and I add my own words to his “may God bless the United States of America!”

    1. Exactly.

    • Victoria Penley

    • 11 months ago

    We love you Laura Loomer.????❤️ You are a hero????. You are a freedom fighter. We must have freedom of the press and freedom of speech to maintain a republic!???? Thank you for your bravery ????your heroism is unparalleled. Our hearts go with you
    #Freedom #LauraLoomerForCongress

    1. Yes, she is. Thanks for your kind comments. She fights for free speech in this ripped from the headlines thriller Featuring Laura Loomer.

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