No one, NOT even Laura Loomer (Although she’s a close second) TRIGGERS liberals like President Trump, so when I got retweeted on 12/28/19 (my tweet was about the death of a mother of 6 by a 6 time released illegal immigrant. The tweet, as always, was in support of Laura Loomer), the wrath of the crazed left hit a fevered pitch. I had crazed lefties chiming in including George Conway, never Trumper husband of Kellyanne Conway and Will Sommer from The Daily Beast (leftist rag).

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Fortunately, KellyAnne Conway has better taste and is a Loomer fan.

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Laura Loomer is Running for Congress in President Trump’s Home District-Why She’s Worth Supporting No Matter Where You Live in the U.S.-When I say Support, I Mean Give Just $10 Because It Truly All Adds Up

-She’s the anti-AOC. Republicans NEED someone who will stand up to The Squad which is driving impeachment, anti Judeo-Christian agenda, and a full blown Communism agenda from the Democrats.

-As Judge Jeanine said when endorsing her, “Laura Loomer stands up for what’s right regardless of the consequences.”  This is VERY important because the reason Republicans and the MSM (even Fox) won’t stand up to certain issues is because they’re ‘afraid’ of the backlash. Advertisers dropping them & big money RINO donors dropping them are real consequences of standing up for what’s right.

-You might say, “We’ve heard that before, and they get into Congress and become part of ‘The Swamp.’  You’re right in general. That does happen. Why do I think Laura Loomer is different?  Because she’s already shown by ‘ACTIONS’ not empty words, that her word means something. She’s been deplatformed from social media, Uber, Uber eats, Lyft, Chase temporarily closed down her bank account, PayPal, Venmo, and many, many more sites for confronting crooked politicians and jihadists and calling them out.

-Many people say, “There’s no way AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashaida Tlaib will get re-elected, but I say you’re wrong. They’re in demographically favorable districts to them.  You might say, “Omar and Tlaib have broken many laws and will be arrested.” Again how long have we been saying Clinton, Comey, and the Deep State are still free. Who in Congress is screaming from the rooftops to arrest them? I’ll tell you, NO ONE.  IF YOU WANT SOMEONE WHO IS LIKE PRESIDENT TRUMP & WILL NOT BE COWTOWED BY THE PC POLICE, THEN YOU WANT LAURA LOOMER FOR CONGRESS-HANDS DOWN-NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE.

–She’s going to FIGHT FOR free speech, for our 2A rights, she’s pro-life, pro-capitalism, pro-military, pro-Israel- pro-Judeo-Christian values, pro secure border (not in any order of importance), and most of all she’s pro- MAGA.

-Another high profile anti-DEEP STATE personality who has endorsed Laura Loomer for Congress. Malkin is sick and tired of the swamp rats and knows Loomer is going to head into Congress with a rocket launcher aimed at The Deep State.

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Judge Jeanine Pirro endorsed Laura Loomer for Congress a few weeks ago. Pirro told the audience at her book signing, “You must do everything you can to elect Laura Loomer for Congress in Florida. She is the most bright, quick witted candidate I have ever met. She must win. She’s the only one who can take on The Squad.”

Media Matters led with this headline, “Fox News host Jeanine Pirro reportedly endorses far-right troll Laura Loomer for Congress.”

Do you LOVE Laura Loomer’s independent journalism? If so, please support her by purchasing The Switch-Featuring Laura Loomer.  Laura’s proceeds from the book help fund her independent journalism.    Laura Loomer’s gutsy journalism  has earned her prominent followers in her quest to become Congresswoman of the 21st district of Florida_the permanent residence of President Trump. President Trump retweeted a tweet of mine on 12/28/19 in support of Loomer. For those who don’t know this, Loomer has been deplatformed everywhere for exposing Ilhan Omar’s Jew hatred. I have been her leading voice on social media promoting her. She’s been endorsed by Judge Jeanine, Michelle Malkin, Chuck Woolery, Terrence Williams, and many, many more because of her no holds barred attitude in getting to the truth.

This book caused Lib meltdown like no other except for President Trump because Loomer is a jihadist fighter. She stands up to jihadists and corrupt government officials. That’s just unacceptable in their eyes.

On Thursday, Dec. 12, Triggered libs cried out in astonishment once again_this time it was over my book featuring Laura Loomer, The Switch. “How could anyone have any interest in featuring Laura Loomer in a novel,” they cried out. But fear not, it only took seconds for them to come to their tried and true answer, a ‘Racist’ wrote it. It was the only acceptable answer to their world that had literally been turned upside down with this discovery. It was a Patriotic book with an American flag on the cover. The screams turned deafening.

So in typical Twitter fashion, out came the blue check mark trolls for the Daily Beast, The Huff Post, and Right Wing Watch.

IVl 45 started with the insults, and Senior Editor on Huff Post’s Breaking Desk, Andy B. Campbell, couldn’t pass up an opportunity to chime in with petty remarks of his own.

And at this point there’s no information on Tim Donovan, but in order to keep @Jack and his fellow progressives happy, he tossed in the tried and true ‘racist’ comment by saying I put the ‘Reich in Reichwein’ in this book. Mind you none of these hate-filled geniuses have read the book. Since we know President Trump and/or Laura Loomer could both cure cancer and do no right, there’s no chance of them ever reading the book. They can’t ‘touch’ the physical book (certain it would singe the skin from their fingers), so they order the e-book in order to screech insults.

And true to form, their followers were all TRIGGERED. But I answered back, because I refuse to let a bunch of leftist bullies send me running to the corner. I’m NOT a snowflake, and I will defend Laura Loomer all the way. She has more guts than all of these toads could ever dream of having. Does it feel good to be insulted, No. I didn’t set out looking to be insulted, I set out to write an entertaining book featuring someone I admire, Laura Loomer. I knew the attacks would happen, and I accept that, but what I refuse to accept is lefties with different opinions being so hate filled. I have friends in both parties, and I may not agree with all of their opinions, but I am always open to hearing them. That’s the only way I learn. Hate closes minds. The left is a bunch of sheep at this time and if you dare to step out of line and think for yourself, you’re slaughtered. No more use for you.

If you think their hate stops at Laura Loomer, you’d be dead wrong. My friend Alex Dunbar,CQB K9, who is a retired Marine and a Tier One Military Trainer, trained the dog that went out with Seal Team 6 on the Bin Laden raid, also caught their venom. His sin_he gave me some training tips for the dogs featured in the story. “eewwww” was the mature comment made by Kamala s/b our next President. I guess this hater of the military and dogs is hoping Kamala gets down on her knees for him with the Willie Brown special.

I have over thirty of these hate- filled tweets, including one from Rightwing Watch journalist, Jared Holt. If you love Laura Loomer and like thrillers, I hope you’ll give The Switch-Featuring Laura Loomer a chance. Laura’s proceeds from the book do help support her independent journalism. Just click on this link and it will take you to the purchase link.



    • Joseph Vanchieri

    • 11 months ago

    I have admired Laura Loomer’s work for quite awhile now. She has guts and a very quick wit. This scares the left and is always fun to watch. She will be a great addition to the House.

    1. Yes, she’s great. She just got endorsed tonight by Rush Limbaugh and his team. She’s going to kick some serious butt next year.

    • Susan Schreiner

    • 11 months ago

    Just finished the book and LOVED it! Very smart writing.

    1. Thank you so much, Susan. I really appreciate you letting me know.

    • Mistagoat

    • 10 months ago

    Watching Laura ” Loomer ” maxi pad Waters was one of my favs . She’s the antidote to the squad .Rock on !

    1. Rush Limbaugh loved it, too.

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