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It’s almost hard to believe that members of Congress had the chutzpah to establish a secret fund, paid for by taxpayers, to silence the victims of their unwanted sexual demands. But they did, once again proving their complete disregard for the people that pay their salaries.

And, the amount of money paid to silence their victims over the past two decades is staggering:

Seventeen and a quarter million dollars were spent to hide the sexual peccadillos – including rape – in 264 reported incidents. How many more attacks went unreported? Payments averaged $65,306 per assault. That’s fairly significant hush money but it gets worse.

In one year the average payment was just under $4oo,000. That was the average. That average had to have been skewed by one or two massive payouts considering the total payout for the 50 settlements in the five years prior to that year was $382,000.

Now journalist Trey Yingst has tweeted that President Trump wants the names of these predators to be made public.

If you want someone who will stand up to corruption in Congress, then you want Laura Loomer elected. She’s taken on corruption, jihadists, and communists as a journalist. And she’s backed by some big names for her willingness to take on corruption.

To fight this scourge in this country, we need to elect MAGA capitalists to support President Trump. There’s a Jewish investigative journalist, Laura Loomer, who is running in President Trump’s home district who has the balls to take AOC and The Squad on. She’s got a track record of doing it as a journalist and because she was so effective the leftist media and Big Tech have silenced her by deplatforming her. BUT she’s fighting back and running for Congress. She’s been endorsed by Judge Jeanine, Michelle Malkin, Brandon Straka, Roger Stone, and the Limbaugh team.  Because she’s been deplatformed and breaking election rules, BIG TECH has refused to allow her back on, so she’s suing them but there’s no clue as to when or if this will be resolved before the election, so I’m helping to get information about her out there. On 12/28/19, President Trump retweeted a tweet of mine on illegal immigration and in support of Laura Loomer’s congressional run. Because she will be a national voice capable of Taking on AOC and The Squad, she’s a candidate drawing support from all 50 states. Please support her with whatever you can afford. Small donations add up.

Journalist, Laura Loomer, announced a run for Congress on 08/02/19. She’s running in President Trump’s home district against Pelosi crony, Lois Frankel. Please help Laura Loomer get elected by donating to

Laura Loomer is Running for Congress in President Trump’s Home District-Why She’s Worth Supporting No Matter Where You Live in the U.S.-When I say Support, I Mean Give Just $10 Because It Truly All Adds Up

-She’s the anti-AOC. Republicans NEED someone who will stand up to The Squad which is driving impeachment, anti Judeo-Christian agenda, and a full blown Communism agenda from the Democrats.

-As Judge Jeanine said when endorsing her, “Laura Loomer stands up for what’s right regardless of the consequences.”  This is VERY important because the reason Republicans and the MSM (even Fox) won’t stand up to certain issues is because they’re ‘afraid’ of the backlash. Advertisers dropping them & big money RINO donors dropping them are real consequences of standing up for what’s right.

-You might say, “We’ve heard that before, and they get into Congress and become part of ‘The Swamp.’  You’re right in general. That does happen. Why do I think Laura Loomer is different?  Because she’s already shown by ‘ACTIONS’ not empty words, that her word means something. She’s been deplatformed from social media, Uber, Uber eats, Lyft, Chase temporarily closed down her bank account, PayPal, Venmo, and many, many more sites for confronting crooked politicians and jihadists and calling them out.

-Many people say, “There’s no way AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashaida Tlaib will get re-elected, but I say you’re wrong. They’re in demographically favorable districts to them.  You might say, “Omar and Tlaib have broken many laws and will be arrested.” Again how long have we been saying Clinton, Comey, and the Deep State are still free. Who in Congress is screaming from the rooftops to arrest them? I’ll tell you, NO ONE.  IF YOU WANT SOMEONE WHO IS LIKE PRESIDENT TRUMP & WILL NOT BE COWTOWED BY THE PC POLICE, THEN YOU WANT LAURA LOOMER FOR CONGRESS-HANDS DOWN-NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE.

–She’s going to FIGHT FOR free speech, for our 2A rights, she’s pro-life, pro-capitalism, pro-military, pro-Israel- pro-Judeo-Christian values, pro secure border (not in any order of importance), and most of all she’s pro- MAGA.

-Another high profile anti-DEEP STATE personality who has endorsed Laura Loomer for Congress. Malkin is sick and tired of the swamp rats and knows Loomer is going to head into Congress with a rocket launcher aimed at The Deep State.


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There are at least two good reasons that Trump would want their names to be made public.

First, as we have learned from the establishment’s attack on Roy Moore and their stated intent to block him from being seated if the voters of Alabama are to elect him, they are blowing smoke because the Supreme Court has ruled that as long as the voters are aware of the allegation ahead of time then it is fair to consider they have taken the alleged behavior into account when they cast their votes.

That was the case with DC Mayor Marion Barry who was re-elected after being found in a hotel room smoking crack cocaine while enjoying the company of a prostitute. In fact, a plaque honoring Barry is currently being erected in Washington.

The high court’s ruling also opens the door to what happens when the truth is deliberately kept from voters in these instances and they do not have an opportunity to factor the aberrant behavior into their decision.

Remember, the Congressional violators have admitted their guilt, or been found guilty despite their contentions otherwise. Roy Moore has been afforded nowhere near the same consideration.

Then there’s the fact that if anyone of the accused was convicted of rape they would not be eligible to vote let alone occupy a seat in the Capitol.

Make no mistake that an examination of the annual and average settlements shows such a disparate level of payments that at least some of the attacks must’ve been pretty egregious.

Take 2002 for example. The annual payout was just under $4 million to settle 10 cases. The year before the average payout was just over $17,000. Whatever the offenses were in 2002 to warrant a 2200% increase in payout over the previous year had to be serious, very serious.

This leaves anyone with knowledge of the offenders and their offenses holding a hammer over the heads of legislators in order to guarantee their votes. This makes sense when you see how the left stick together even when they disagree. What is Pelosi holding over them?

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Laura Loomer is running for Congress in the 21st District of Florida_the permanent residence of President Trump



    • Phillip Lewis

    • 11 months ago

    That is apprehensible conduct for congressman.
    And yes the names should be public knowledge.
    A violent offender, ( rapist etc.), needs to register their self on the website so people know who they are and where they live.
    Congressman and women are not above the law.
    Prosecute without prejudice.

    1. Agree. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

    • Joni likens

    • 11 months ago

    This is reprehensible! Not only are these politicians breaking the law, but they’re using our TAX DOLLARS TO HIDE THEIR CRIMES! Share this, with everyone you know, and call your senators. I am! This is an outrage!

    1. Agree. Thanks.

    • Pamie

    • 10 months ago

    So tax payer dollars are paying for their depravity. let there be light

    1. Have been

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